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Drawer Slides Durability Testing Machine GT-LD01A
Drawer Slides Durability Testing Machine GT-LD01A
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Drawer Slides Durability Testing Machine GT-LD01A

Product Introduction


1. This machine is designed to test drawers, desks, cabinets and wardrobe.

2. Capable of cycling time control, constant travel control, frequency control, test force display.

3. The control systems feature advanced POD display which shows either force, testing time, cycling or break value. In theory, on the 6kg pressure can be reach to 120kgf force.

4. All the functions are made by simple key operation for easy set up.



Durability Testing Machine


Key Specifications


Durability Testing Machine

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      Drawer Slides Durability Testing Machine GT-LD01A

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  • Durability Testing Machine Drawer Durability Testing Machine GT-LD01B

    Drawer Durability Testing Machine designed to test drawers, desks, cabinets and wardrobe.

  • Desk Universal Testing Machine EN1730 Desk Universal Testing Machine GT-LD09

    EN1730 Drawer Durability Testing Machine is designed and manufactured in accordance to BIFMA and EN1730 standards, is specifically designed for general tests of office desks, surface, and corners. 

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    Soft Tester for Leather Material This Softness Tester is used for testing the softness of leather, animal skin by non-destructive method.