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Fully Automatic Face Mask Making Machine MKM-10
Fully Automatic Face Mask Making Machine MKM-10
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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE Certificates
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Fully Automatic Face Mask Making Machine MKM-10


Product Introduction


This Mask Making Machine can completely realize flat type mask automatic productivity, including technologies such as coil stock, folding and pressing, mask molding, cutting, ear loop loading and welding, finished products laying-off and so on, to finish the production process from coil row material to finished masks. The masks are comfortable, no pressure, good filtration effect, and perfect attach onto face. The masks can be applied to medical industry, electron industry, mining industry , construction industry and so on.


Product Feature

1.Premium Brand ultrasonic welding machine, good quality and durable.
2.High speed production, 120,000-140,000 pieces per day(24 hours).
3.Face Mask Making Machine Modular and humanization design, easy maintenance.
4.Auto stop and alarm for material breaking and exception situation, with the screen guiding how to handle exceptions.


Key Specification







Metal Plate: Warm grey 1C  Aluminium Profile: Original

Power Supply

220VAC±5% 50HZ  Ground Protection  

Rated Power: ≤10KW (Includes Welder)

Air Compression

0.4-0.6 MP (Clean air after dewater, oilless, filtration and pressure stabilization.

Using Flowing Capacity: ≈300L/min

Production Efficiency


Product Qualification Ratio

99% (Except raw material& manual operation)

Equipment Failure Rate

≤2% (Caused by Equipment)

Main Accessory

Air Cylinder: AirTAC

Screw Guide: HIWIN/TBI

PLC: Mitsubishi/ XINJE

Working Environment

General workshop environment (Avoid corrosive gas and dust)


face mask making machine

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      Fully Automatic Face Mask Making Machine MKM-10

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