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AATCC Wrinkle Recovery Tester GT-C21-2
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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE
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    AATCC 128, ISO 9867
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    China Port
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    30 days
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    T/T, L/C
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AATCC Wrinkle Recovery Tester GT-C21-2


Product Introduction


This Wrinkle Recovery Tester is used to determine the appearance of textile fabrics after induced wrinkling. It is applied to both woven and knitted fabrics, made from any fibre or mixture of fibres. Materials which are insufficiently stable, for example those which are limp, thick or have a tendency to curl, can be assessed for wrinkle resistance with this device. 


AATCC 128, ISO 9867

Key Specifications

AATCC Wrinkle Recovery Tester


Application Industry

All kinds of materials can be tested on the AATCC Wrinkle Recovery Tester  

 AATCC Wrinkle Recovery Tester

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      AATCC Wrinkle Recovery Tester GT-C21-2

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