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  •  Flammability Test

    Horizontal and Vertical Flame Chamber GT-MC35F-2

  • Color Matching Cabinet

    Color Assessment Cabinet for Fabric (textile light box) GT-D08

  • Bally Flexing Tester, Leather Flexing Tester

    Bally Leather Flexing Tester GT-KC10A

Product News
  • Colour fastness of textile
    Colour fastness of textile 2018-01-23

    The colour fastness of textile is meaning the fading degree of dyed or printed fabric that undergo the effect of external factors (including extrusion, friction, washing, rain shower, exposure, light, seawater impregnation, saliva impregnation, ...

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  • The whole process of color fastness to rubbing.
    The whole process of color fastness to rubbing. 2017-12-01

    Textile Sample Color Fastness To Rubbing  The whole process of color fastness to rubbing. Principle: This test is designed to determine the degree of color which may be transferred from the surface of a colored fabric to a specify test cloth for...

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  • How to repair the Spare parts for crockmeter rubbing fastness tester
    How to repair the Spare parts for crockmeter rubbing fastness tester 2017-11-17

    Crockmeter rubbing fastness tester, repair the damaged rubbing finger, clip and abrasive paper. Accidental damage to the rubbing finger, spiral clip or abrasive paper should be repaired as follows: neatly renew the abrasive paper; bend the clip furth...

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  • GESTER GT-C09 Button Snap Pull Tester
    GESTER GT-C09 Button Snap Pull Tester 2017-11-16

    Snap Tester, to determine the holding or breaking strength of prong-ring attached snap fasteners onto garments or toys, also as a Push Pull Tester applies for compression and tensile pull testing of small samples. Application Snap Tester (Button Snap...

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  • Sharp Edge Test
    Sharp Edge Test 2017-07-20

    In the child's growth , toys just like their intimate partner. Parents are also happy to by all kinds of toys for their kids as it  not only can bring child happiness but also develop their intelligence. With the growth of toys demand, toy safet...

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  • GESTER‬ Internal Products Training
    GESTER‬ Internal Products Training 2017-03-23

    GESTER always keep learning and promote ourself quality & ability. Gester International Co.,Ltd a company that specializes in Toys, Garments, Shoes testing equipment.To help sales in our company be professional providing good service, we provide ...

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