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  •  Flammability Test

    Horizontal and Vertical Flame Chamber GT-MC35F-2

  • Color Matching Cabinet

    Color Assessment Cabinet for Fabric (textile light box) GT-D08

  • Bally Flexing Tester, Leather Flexing Tester

    Bally Leather Flexing Tester GT-KC10A

Life News
  • Beach barbecue tour
    Beach barbecue tour 2017-07-29

    GETSER a pedestrian to the Huian Chongwu Xisha Bay opened our beach barbecue tour. Blue sky, breeze, sand, white waves, the sunset of the shadow of our shadow so long and long. Find a suitable place, put things away, began our barbecue plan, first pu...

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  • Looking at the past two decades, vision of the new Future of GESTER.
    Looking at the past two decades, vision of the new Future of GESTER. 2017-04-22

    Looking at the past two decades, vision of the new Future of GESTER. Date: April 22, 2017  At 11:08 am, Gester 20th anniversary celebration and factory opening ceremony held in the company's new factory! All the staff ga...

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  • Welcome to GESTER 2016 Year End Celebration Party
    Welcome to GESTER 2016 Year End Celebration Party 2017-01-07

    GESTER 2016 YEAR END PARTY Date : 7th, Jan, 2017 Days is fleet, in an instant we greeted a new year again. GESTER 2016 Annual summary meeting is held this afternoon.   During the meeting, th...

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  • Holiday Notice for Chinese New Year
    Holiday Notice for Chinese New Year 2017-04-26

    Dear valuable client:   Thank you all for giving our company full support in 2016. The Spring Festival of 2017 is approaching, all the staff of GESTER company wish you a happy Spring Festival and good luck in the year!   In order to ce...

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  • Outdoor Training For Anniversary Celebration
    Outdoor Training For Anniversary Celebration 2016-04-22

    24th April Outdoor Training For GESTER Anniversary Celebration. Happiness is real when it’s shared. We are pleased and honored to have such a great list of presenters for celebrate our anniversary. It was really amazing time, an amazing experience th...

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  • GESTER Anual Meeting & Party
    GESTER Anual Meeting & Party 2016-07-25

    GESTER Anual Meeting & Party on 6th Feb,2015. Everybody were joyful and excited.We cooked together,made the dumpling together,sang together,dance together,celebrated the birthday together and many many others......Thanks for all of members to pre...

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  • GESTER Birthday party
    GESTER Birthday party 2016-07-25

    Birthday party for our every GESTER family members. GESTER prepare birthday party for each person every year.We share delicious cake together,receive all colleagues birthday blessing and with all family ourselves wishes. For all GESTER family members...

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  • GESTER Orange Battle
    GESTER Orange Battle 2017-05-24

    Orange Battle (Chinese called "Chengzhan").This activity was hold by Alibaba Group.Hundreds of companies and sales join voluntarily to compete their performance and orders during the activity. As an activity that requires teamwork and cooperation,GES...

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