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Single Column ASTM Tensile Test Machine GT-K03
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Single Column Tensile Test Machine GT-K03   

Product Introduction


Tensile Test Machine is applied to the test of mechanical property like tension, compression, bending, shear , tear, peel of materials such as rubber, plastic, aluminum tube, composite materials, waterproof materials, prevention material, yarn, fiber, wire and cable, paper, spring, wood, packaging materials, adhesive tape, etc. And it can also fulfill the multi-closed loop test like constant stress, constant strain, creep, slack, etc. When it installs with special device, it can do other test items like reversion, cupping. 

The tensile tester is suitable for determining the mechanical property and relevant physical parameter when material on the state of tension, compression, bending, shear, tear, peel, puncture, etc. It can do tests like tension, compression, stripping, three-point bending, four-point bending, shear, tearing, puncture of the finished shoes, carton holding pressure, foam cyclic compression, spring tension and compression, and various kinds of dynamic and static cycle test.


SATRA TM5, TM53, TM52, TM51, TM108, TM113, TM117, TM118, TM120, TM123, TM149, TM162, TM401, TM 411,TM 410, ASTM D 751/2209 /412/624  FIA 1206,  BS5131- 3.7, 5.11, 5.13 , BS 5131-2.6

ISO22650, ISO 19958, ISO 3377-1, ISO 3377-2, ISO 11644, ISO 20866, ISO20867, ISO19957, ISO20874, ISO20344-5.2.4, ISO 20345-, ISO17698, ISO20875, ISO22777, ISO22776, ISO22654, ISO20863, ISO20876, ISO17695, ISO17697, ISO34-1 ,ISO36, ISO37, ISO 17708, 

ISO 17696, ISO17706, AS/NZS 2210.2-5.2.4, DIN 53331, GB/T3903.8, GB/T3903.9, GB/T3903.14, GB/T3903.20, GB/T3903.21, GB/T3903.22, GB/T 3903.23, GB/T 3903.24, GB/T 3903.25, 

GB/T 3903.26, GB/T 3903.29, GB/T3903.32, GB/T 3903.39, GB/T 3903.40, GB/T 3903.43, GB/T 4689.20, GB/T20991-5.2.4, GB 21148-, GB/T 17928, GB/T529, GB/T528, GB/T532, GB/T21396

QB/T11413 ,QB/T 2711 ,QB/T2675, QB/T2883, QB/T4118,QB/T4198, HG/T 2726, HG/T 2877, HG/T4805

Tensile Test Machine

Key Specifications

Tensile Test Machine

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      Single Column ASTM Tensile Test Machine GT-K03

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