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Slip Resistance Tester GT-KB48 Slip Resistance Tester GT-KB48 Slip Resistance Tester GT-KB48 Slip Resistance Tester GT-KB48 Slip Resistance Tester GT-KB48
Slip Resistance Tester GT-KB48
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Slip Resistance Tester GT-KB48

Product Introduction


Slip Resistance TesterApply a predetermined load by different mediums like wood, PVC, ceramic tile or specified and set specified friction times and speed, which is to measure the sole friction coefficient, and then judge the slip resistance of shoes.

ISO 13287; GB/T 28287; ASTM F2913


Slip Resistance Testing



Place specimen on test stand, and glycerin as a lubricant, exert a certain load, and move test bench in horizontal direction compared with sample by lateral traction forces, to measure dynamic friction and calculate kinetic coefficient of friction.

Slip Resistance Tester GT-KB48

Key Specifications

Slip Resistance Testing

Slip Resistance Testing

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  • Slip Resistance Tester MARK II Slip Resistance Tester GT-KB49

    MARK II Slip Resistance Tester is to determine maximum static friction of test specimen and floor by ratio of load horizontal force and vertical force.

  • James Slip Tester James Slip Resistance Property Tester GT-KB36

    James Slip Resistance Property Tester is used determine the dry static coefficient of friction of shoe sole and the heel materials.

  • skid resistance tester Static Slip Resistance Tester GT-KB43

    Static Slip Resistance Tester is to determine static slip resistance of outsole, heel and related outsole materials of footwear.

  • Martindale Abrasion Tester Martindale Abrasion Tester GT-KC13A

    Martindale Abrasion Tester used to determine the abrasion resistance of all kinds of footwear vamp material. Samples are rubbed against known abrasion at low pressures and in continuously changing directions and the amount of abrasion.