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Automatic Fabric Drapability Tester GT-C22
Automatic Fabric Drapability Tester GT-C22
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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE
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    BS5058, FZ/T01045
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Automatic Fabric Drapability Tester GT-C22

Product Introduction


Automatic Fabric Drapability Tester is used to test the dynamic and statics drape property of all kinds of fabrics, include drape coefficient, lively rate, corrugated surface and aesthetic coefficient of the fabric.
Fully cyber-control drape-o-meter is designed to measure drape property from the deformation by gravity of an initially horizontal annular ring of fabrics. A circular fabric specimen is held concentrically between two smaller horizontal discs. An annular ring of fabric is allowed to drape into folds around the lower supporting disc.The shadow of the draped specimen is cast onto a sandblasted glass of same size as the un-supported part of the fabric specimen.The outline of the shadow is taken by a digital camera.The photographic will be sent to a computer to determine the shadow area with help of special software.The drape coefficient is calculated from the shadow area and original area of fabric specimen.


BS5058, FZ/T01045


Automatic Fabric Drapability Tester




  • Working mode: microcomputer control, CDD image formation, images and dates are processing automatically by all computer controlled.
  • Statistics, analyze, save and output a various chart and data.
  • Photographic method instead of weighing mass method.
  • Equipped with Sony camera to obtain high solution picture.
  • Complies with BS standard and other international standards.
  • Simple operation,higher accuracy than old test method.
  • Can provide dynamic test result, more perfect to simulate the condition of fabric when it is dressed.

Key Specifications


Application Industry

All kinds of materials can be tested on the Automatic Fabric Drapability Tester.

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      Automatic Fabric Drapability Tester GT-C22

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