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Drill Machine GT-KD-DM68
Drill Machine GT-KD-DM68
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Drill Machine GT-KD-DM68 

Product Introduction


This Drill Machine is a mini bench drill, mainly used as a auxiliary tool sample drilling tool for shoe testing. It is applicable for metal, plastic, rubber and other materials.


Drill Machine

Key Specifications

Drill Machine

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  • Cutting tester,Cutting test for shoe upper,Cutting test for safety glove Safety Glove & Shoe Upper Cutting Tester GT-KC29

    Cutting tester,Cutting test for shoe upper,Cutting test for safety glove This machine is used for safety glove protect area and shoe upper cutting testing, but it is not suitable for the glove made of hard materials.

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    Leather lastometer, Leather lastometer of handle model, Grain testing equpment: To determine the anti-cracking index for upper, leather facing and all kinds of thin leather.

  • Resilience Elasticity Tester Resilience Elasticity Tester GT-KB18

    Resilience Elasticity Tester is used to measure the impact resistance of elastic material and flexible cellular materials.