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Fabric Wascator Automatic Shrinkage Tester GT-D34 Fabric Wascator Automatic Shrinkage Tester GT-D34
Fabric Wascator Automatic Shrinkage Tester GT-D34
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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE
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    BS/ISO 6330/5077, AATCC 135
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    China Port
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    10-30 Days
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Fabric Wascator Automatic Shrinkage Tester GT-D34

Product Introduction


Accelerated washing apparatus for knitted and woven fabrics to assess shrinkage in accordance with international test methods. Also used for assessing fabric stability, color fastness, finish durability, spirality and pilling to washing.


BS/ISO 6330/5077, AATCC 135



1.MCU program controller, build-in ten sets of washing program that ISO required, and operator program capability.

2.No need to fix to ground with foot screw, operating stably;
3.Soft link between rotating cage and rack, low vibration and noise;
4.Variable frequency motor, switch smoothly between high speed and low speed, low temperature increment of motor.
5.Blue fluorescence LCD display, test state dynamic icon shows, easier to catch the eye and operation convenience.
6.Non-touch capacitance water level meter to measure water level accuracy and reliable


Key Specifications


Wascator Automatic Shrinkage Tester


Application Industry

All kinds of materials can be tested on the Wascator Automatic Shrinkage Tester

Wascator Automatic Shrinkage Tester

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      Fabric Wascator Automatic Shrinkage Tester GT-D34

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