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Sharp Edge Test


In the child's growth , toys just like their intimate partner. Parents are also happy to by all kinds of toys for their kids as it  not only can bring child happiness but also develop their intelligence. With the growth of toys demand, toy safety has been the attention of all parents, it is also the important point we pay attention to.

Children's toys and the metal edges of bicycles or other sharp parts may present or produce the risk of cutting the child, so there is a need for an improved testing tool for determining the presence of sharp edges harmful to human health and safety.Therefore, sharp edge test method is an important method in the detection of toys and children's products.

What is the scope of the sharp edge tester? Glass toys or parts, toys on the edge of the collision, the toy drive device shell, cover all the hard material on the face (such as goggles, space helmet or welding mask), can bear children's weight toys (such as toy cars , Skates, etc.)

Sharp Edge Tester TEST

Sharp Edge Tester Instrument features:

1. Metal case, to ensure the durability of the instrument.

2. Hand can press, foot to make the operation more convenient.

3. Special value of the photoelectric sensor indication function, can accurately ensure that the test force value is accurate.

Standards: EN 71-1,ASTM F963 ,16CFR 1500 ,ISO 8124-1,GB 6675-1

How to use the sharp edge tester?

GESTER Instrument Co., Ltd. gave you a test, the gummed paper is wound on the axle center, the to-be-tested edge of a sample is arranged above the axle center and is contacted with the gummed paper, the handle starting switch is then turned on, the motor starts to rotate so as to enable the axle center to rotate at one circle, the to-be-tested edge of the sample leaves a mark on the gummed paper, and the gummed paper is then taken down from the axle center and is checked; if more than 1/2 inch of the length of the gummed paper is scratched, the edge is a sharp edge, and the product is not qualified.

Sharp Edge Tester TEST

                                                                      (Sharp Edge Tester TEST)