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Weather Meter for Textile GT-3000 Weather Meter for Textile GT-3000
Weather Meter for Textile GT-3000
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Weather Meter for Textile GT-3000

Product Introduction


Weather Meter is widely use in solar radiation simulation light color fastness, light perspiration color fastness and light aging test of rubber, plastic, coating, petrochemical industry, car, textile industrial products and other materials. It through simulate illumination, exposed to the rain, mist spraying, alternating light and dark, temperature and humidity climates conditions to test material products’ color fading, aging, transmittance, peeling, hardness, softness and other performance changes.

Weather Meter


Weather Meter


Presetting various specifications, or customized programs, meet diverse range of standards, including AATCC, ISO, BS, JIS etc.

4500W water-cooled xenon arc lamp system, accurately simulate sunlight spectrum. Irradiance auto- compensates system, control irradiance, temperature, and humidity timely through a closed loop.
Irradiation control, light irradiance sensor monitor, digital setting, automatic compensating system, stepless irradiation regulation.
 Accurate chamber temperature control, irradiation temperature, and heater raise the temperature, air conditioning refrigeration system.
Ultrasonic humidification system makes spray water even and low noise. Saturated steam humidifying, industrial refrigerating machine dehumidifying, and close loop control the humidity.

Large amount of testing specimen, be able to hold as 3 times of specimen quantity as air-cooled machine in a test.

Key Specifications
Weather Meter

Application Industry

All kinds of materials can be tested on the Weather Meter for Textile

Weather Meter

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