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Flammability Testing Nailed Fixture GT-MB18 Flammability Testing Nailed Fixture GT-MB18 Flammability Testing Nailed Fixture GT-MB18
Flammability Testing Nailed Fixture GT-MB18
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Flammability Testing Nailed Fixture GT-MB18

Product Introduction


Flammability Testing Nailed Fixture mainly used to test the inflaming retarding performance for solid and soft toys according to ASTM standard.

Soft toy: any stuffed or plush toy, that may or may not be parts or components of other toys.

Solids :  toys or toy parts constructed of rigid, flexible, or pliable solids.


ASTM F963 


 Flammability Testing Nailed Fixture


   Key Specifications

Flammability Testing Nailed Fixture


Application Industry

All kinds of  solid and soft toys can be tested on the Flammability Testing Nailed Fixture

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      Flammability Testing Nailed Fixture GT-MB18

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