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Impact Scuff Tester GT-KC46 Impact Scuff Tester GT-KC46 Impact Scuff Tester GT-KC46 Impact Scuff Tester GT-KC46 Impact Scuff Tester GT-KC46
Impact Scuff Tester GT-KC46
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Impact Scuff Tester GT-KC46

Product Introduction


1.Impact scuff for upper leather 

This test gives an indication of the resistance of a footwear upper material to scuffing, surface damage which occurs when the upper of a shoe is grazed against a rough surface. The methods is applicable to all upper leather and some synthetic upper materials. 

Principle: A test specimen is clamped over an anvil and tensioned. A pendulum of fixed mass, with a rough surface, is swung from a predetermined height across the test specimen. Any scuffing of the surface of the test specimen is assessed subjectively, in terms of colour change, by comparison with a grey scale, and any other types of damage are assessed visually. 

2.Floor impact scuff test 

This test is intended to assess the risk of a shoe bottom material marking floorings during wear. It is applicable to all types of soles and heels taken from whole shoes, pre-moulded units or sheet materials. 

Principle: A test specimen is cut from the wearing surface of a complete sole unit, sole, heel or sheet material and stuck to a metal holder which is fixed to the underside of a pendulum. The pendulum is held in a raised position and released, allowing the test specimen to strike across the surface of a strip of standard flooring material. The height of the flooring material is set to control the compression of the test specimen as it makes contact. The flooring material is examined and any marking produced by the impact is assessed, together with the ease with which any marking is removed.


SATRA TM38, QB/T 1810, SATRA TM 223



Impact Scuff Tester

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Impact Scuff Tester

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