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Shoe Peeling Strength Tester GT-KC41A Shoe Peeling Strength Tester GT-KC41A Shoe Peeling Strength Tester GT-KC41A Shoe Peeling Strength Tester GT-KC41A Shoe Peeling Strength Tester GT-KC41A
Shoe Peeling Strength Tester GT-KC41A
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    GB/T 3903.3
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Shoe Peeling Strength Tester GT-KC41A 

Product Introduction


This peeling strength tester is determined for testing the peeling strength between sole and upper of a whole shoe or between outsole and medium bottom.


GB/T 3903.3


Shoe Peeling Strength Tester


Fitting the shoe last to a whole shoe and clamping it on the peeling strength tester, strip off the joint between the sole and upper by peeling knife. The peel force is the measured value when peeling. The peeling strength can be counted as the peeling force and width of cutter point.

Key Specifications

Shoe Peeling Strength Tester

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      Shoe Peeling Strength Tester GT-KC41A

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