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Shoe Peeling Strength Tester GT-KC41B Shoe Peeling Strength Tester GT-KC41B Shoe Peeling Strength Tester GT-KC41B Shoe Peeling Strength Tester GT-KC41B Shoe Peeling Strength Tester GT-KC41B
Shoe Peeling Strength Tester GT-KC41B
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Shoe Peeling Strength Tester GT-KC41B

Product Introduction


Peeling Strength Tester is used to determine the strength of the bond between the sole and upper at the toe and heel area of the lasted margin of completed footwear. The method is mainly applicable to stuck-on or moulded-on constructions with an extended sole edge. 







Bond strength test



A thin rectangular steel plate with an arc shaped cut-out is connected to a force measuring system. The arc shape is positioned on top of the extended edge of the sole of the test footwear at either the toe or heel. The wearing surface of the sole is brought into contact with a fulcrum which is a fixed distance from the center of the arc. The footwear is then rotated by hand about the fulcrum and the force applied by the steel plate which is necessary to separate the upper from the sole is measured . The test may also be non-destructive by applying a set maximum force and checking for failure of the bond.


Key Specifications



Load range


Peeling cutter arc length

22 ± 1 mm

The centre distance of the fulcrum and the arc


Display method


Power supply

1∮AC 220V  50/60HZ

Dimensions (W×D×H)

30 x 22 x20 cm


15 kg



Standard accessories

Shoe last  1set

Power line  1pc


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      Shoe Peeling Strength Tester GT-KC41B

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