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Mattress Comprehensive Performance Tester GT-LA08
Mattress Comprehensive Performance Tester GT-LA08
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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE
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    BS EN 1957, EN 1725, QB/T 1952.2
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    20-30 days
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    T/T ,L/C
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Mattress Comprehensive Performance Tester GT-LA08

Product Introduction


This machine is the newest design mattress comprehensive performance tester according to EN 1957 and EN 1725 standard.

In general, the machine is configured with the following four test functions:

Height loss test:  the height loss expresses the change in the height of a test unit caused by the durability test.

Durability test : test simulating the repeated application of loads and/or movement of components occurring during long-term use and assessing the strength of the article under such conditions. The durability test is a procedure mainly intended to evaluate the change of the properties of the test unit caused by repeated loading.

Hardness Value & Firmness rating test : the hardness value is determined from load/deflection measurement which be obtained by pressing a load pad into the test unit and measuring the associated value of indentation and force simultaneously. And the firmness rating is used to express the subjective assessment by persons, it is determined form the hardness value upon results from empirical studies.

Bed edge durability test: apply a force of 1000N for 5000 cycles by means of edge loading pad at the bed edge test point, then measure the height loss .



BS EN 1957, EN 1725, QB/T 1952.2
Key Specifications



Applications Industry 

All kinds of Mattress can be tested on the Mattress Comprehensive Performance Tester

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      Mattress Comprehensive Performance Tester GT-LA08

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