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Whole Shoe Flexing Freezing Chamber GT-KC27 Whole Shoe Flexing Freezing Chamber GT-KC27 Whole Shoe Flexing Freezing Chamber GT-KC27 Whole Shoe Flexing Freezing Chamber GT-KC27 Whole Shoe Flexing Freezing Chamber GT-KC27
Whole Shoe Flexing Freezing Chamber GT-KC27
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Whole Shoe Flexing Freezing Chamber GT-KC27 

Product Introduction


This Whole Shoe Flexing Freezing Chamber is specially used for low temperature flexing test of whole shoes, such as sports shoes, cause shoes, safety shoes etc. Under the low temperature condition, to assess the flex resistance or cracking after a period of reciprocating flexing movement under the specified frequency and angle. Principle: Press the shoe palm, flexing the shoe heel continuously.



Whole Shoe Flexing Freezing Chamber


1. Use 16bit Industry-grade PLC, programmable controller to control the temperature, and time, more excellent anti-jamming, high reliability of the data. 

2. "TEMI-880" large color LCD touched screen temperature controller. 

3. Real-time display program running time, the number of segments, the remaining time, repeat frequency, can display experimental data, including the pre-set segment time, heating status, calendar time, etc.; temperature and humidity directly digital display. 

4. Apply Controllable Silicon Step-less Adjusting Technology to adjust temperature and humidity continuously and precisely, and without over heated as the PID adjusting function. 

5. Workroom made by high quality stainless steel. 

6. The thermal insulation material between outside chamber and inside chamber is high-quality ultra-fine glass fiber insulation cotton, good thermal insulation effectivity. 

7. Rectangle double-layer glass observation window prevents form the coagulation of hydrosphere as there is a heater in it. 

8. Illuminated by high lighteness of PL fluorescence light.

Key Specifications

Whole Shoe Flexing Freezing Chamber

Application Industry

All the material blow can be tested on the Whole Shoe Flexing Freezing Chamber.

Shoes Flexing Tester

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      Whole Shoe Flexing Freezing Chamber GT-KC27

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