• GESTER's Weekend Park Team Building Fun
    GESTER's Weekend Park Team Building Fun August 27, 2023
    GESTER's Weekend Park Team Building Fun As August came to a close, GESTER International Co.,Ltd. embarked on an exhilarating journey to an amusement park for a weekend of team building. This weekend, we broke free from the hustle and bustle of our daily work routines, created unforgettable memories. The heart-pounding roller coasters, the merriment of the carousel, the wonders of the underwater world, the mysteries of the tropical rainforest, and a series of breathtaking attractions awaiting us all contributed to a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. I. The Advantages of Amusement Parks as Team Building Venues An amusement park, like a treasure trove of joy, has an infinite charm that captivates people. Catering to Different Interests The excitement of roller coasters, the leisurely rides on the carousel, the mysteries of the underwater world, and the fantasies of the tropical rainforest all showcase the diversity of the amusement park. Just as our team members have unique characteristics, the amusement park offers a variety of choices, allowing each employee to find activities that resonate with them. Some can bravely take on the thrilling heights of roller coasters, while others can find tranquility on the peaceful carousel. This diversity of experiences not only allows everyone to find their unique pleasures but also integrates the team's diversity, enhancing mutual understanding and resonance. Strengthening Team Cohesion Upon entering the amusement park, an atmosphere of joy immediately envelops us. Screams and laughter fill the air, as if all the daily pressures and fatigue have been cast aside. This infectious sense of delight arises not only from the thrilling rides but also from the shared joy among team members. The relaxed environment allows people to express themselves more authentically, enabling them to fully unleash their energy. II. Planning and Organizing the Amusement Park Team Building Activities Thoughtful timing is the foundation of a successful event. We will create a reasonable schedule to ensure that each segment is fully experienced and enjoyed. From the energetic start in the morning to the laughter-filled afternoon and the unique beauty of the evening, every time slot will be carefully arranged to provide each member with a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Additionally, we will consider appropriate break times to ensure that everyone maintains good physical and mental condition. III. Fostering Team Cohesion Warm Evening Banquet As the amusement park activities come to a delightful end, we will continue this day of laughter and enter the final chapter of the evening. To further enhance team cohesion in the joyful atmosphere, we will arrange a group dinner at the hotel. This warm banquet will provide an excellent opportunity for everyone to relax and discuss their amusement park experiences. Happy Hour Dinner is not just about enjoying good food; it's also a bridge to promote team communication. Everyone can sit toge...
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  • Celebrating Tradition Culture of the Qixi Festival
    Celebrating Tradition Culture of the Qixi Festival August 22, 2023
    Celebrating Tradition Culture of the Qixi Festival Amidst the colorful tapestry of August, the scorching summer sun finds solace in the gentle caress of a light breeze. On August 22nd, a day that not only marks the convergence of summer's warmth but also heralds the emotional crescendo of Chinese tradition – the Qixi Festival, GESTER has chosen to illuminate this occasion by instilling each employee with a single rose, an emblematic gesture that carries a dual purpose of cherishing both the traditional and the contemporary. A Gesture of Care The choice of a single rose as our gift to each employee carries. Just as a rose exudes beauty and fragrance, we aim to surround our employees with an atmosphere of care and appreciation. The gesture symbolizes not only the affection and gratitude we have for our staff, but also our dedication to upholding their rights and ensuring their holistic well-being. This is a tangible representation of our belief that a harmonious and content workforce is the cornerstone of our journey toward high-quality development. Nurturing Unity Through Cultural Appreciation To infuse the dynamism of tradition into our modern context, action is imperative. Beyond the romantic reverie of presenting roses, the Company orchestrates a mosaic of activities, inviting employees to immerse themselves and taste the unique allure of our cultural legacy. From traditional culture workshops to enlightening seminars, employees embrace an up-close rendezvous with tradition, forging a deeper connection and a heightened resonance. Upholding Employee Rights Just as Chinese Valentine's Day revolves around a sense of unity and devotion, our company too stands unwavering in its commitment to safeguarding the rights and well-being of our employees. Through transparent communication channels, fair labor practices, and ample growth opportunities, we strive to create an environment that nurtures not only our employees' careers but also their personal lives. Conclusion As the fragrance of roses fills the air and the spirit of Chinese Valentine's Day envelops our hearts, we embark on a journey of cultural exploration, unity, and growth. Our commitment to preserving tradition and fostering employee well-being forms the bedrock of a future where the old and the new converge, where each employee is a cherished thread woven into the vibrant fabric of our organization. 
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  • 2023 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice
    2023 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice June 21, 2023
    2023 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice The Dragon Boat Festival is coming, let's welcome this traditional and joyful festival together! At this wonderful moment, GESTER sends our most sincere wishes to all of you and releases the notice of Dragon Boat Festival holiday in 2023 and related matters. According to the national legal holidays, our company decided to arrange the Dragon Boat Festival holiday in 2023 as follows: Starting from June 22 (Thursday) and ending on June 24 (Saturday), a total of three days. On June 25 (Sunday), we will resume normal working hours and all departments will work normally according to the usual work schedule. At that time, we will continue to provide you with excellent service, answer questions and support your needs. During the holiday period, we hope you can arrange your time and life reasonably, fully rest and relax. Dragon Boat Festival, as an important traditional Chinese festival, carries a rich cultural connotation. We encourage you to feel the strong festival atmosphere, taste the traditional food, participate in interesting activities and enjoy the charm of traditional culture together during the holiday. Thank you for your continuous support and attention to our WeChat public number! If you have any urgent matters or questions during the holidays, you can always contact us through our official website or customer service hotline, and we will reply and help you as soon as possible.
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  • Sharing Joy and Creating Connections: GESTER's Meaningful Children's Day Event
    Sharing Joy and Creating Connections: GESTER's Meaningful Children's Day Event June 05, 2023
    Sharing Joy and Creating Connections: GESTER's Meaningful Children's Day Event Table of Contents Introduction Savoring Delights Rekindling Playfulness: Building Connections: Creating Memories: Conclusion Introduction: Children's Day is not just a celebration for the little ones but also an opportunity to bring together our employees and cherish the memories of our own childhood. At GESTER, we recently organized a Children's Day event that aimed to foster unity among our employees while providing a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Savoring Delights Children's Day is a time for celebration, unity, and the revival of cherished memories. GESTER curated an assortment of delightful snacks that transported us back to the flavors of yesteryears. fruit, candies, yogurt cups, each treat served as a medium for treasured memories,adding a touch of delight to the festivities. Rekindling the Spirit of Playfulness: The event was designed to embrace the playful spirit that accompanies childhood. We set up various activity stations, including traditional games like "Jumping Lattice," "Shooting Foreign Pictures," and "Pinching Beads." These interactive experiences encouraged employees to let go of their inhibitions, tap into their inner child, and relive the joy of carefree play. Laughter filled the air as colleagues participated in friendly competitions, rediscovering the simple pleasures of these classic childhood games. Building Connections: Beyond the games and activities, the Children's Day event fostered meaningful connections among our employees. It provided a relaxed and informal setting where colleagues could engage in conversations beyond work-related topics. The shared experiences and shared laughter created a sense of belonging and camaraderie within our company, strengthening our team dynamics and enhancing collaboration in the workplace. Creating Lasting Memories: The Children's Day event was not just about a day of fun but also about creating lasting memories for our employees. We captured the joyful moments through photographs and videos, which served as a reminder of the happiness and unity experienced during the event. These memories continue to be cherished and shared, fostering a sense of nostalgia and reinforcing the bonds forged on Children's Day. Conclusion: The Children's Day event achieved its aim of reminiscing about childhood and uniting our employees. Through shared laughter, playful activities, and the rekindling of childhood memories, GESTER strengthened the sense of camaraderie among our team. By celebrating Children's Day together, we created lasting memories and a stronger bond within our company.
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  • Celebrating Our Anniversary: Embracing Success and Innovation
    Celebrating Our Anniversary: Embracing Success and Innovation May 25, 2023
    Celebrating Our Anniversary: Embracing Success and Innovation Introduction: Join us as we embark on a joyous journey to celebrate our anniversary, marking a significant milestone in our company's history. This remarkable occasion is an opportunity for us to express our gratitude to our valued customers, partners, and employees. Let us come together to celebrate our achievements, forge new connections, and inspire a future filled with success and innovation. Section 1: Sign-In Wall and Commemorative Souvenirs Begin the festivities by leaving your mark on sign-in wall, capturing the essence of this special occasion. Don't miss the chance to take memorable photos with our adorable mascots. After signing in, receive exclusive anniversary plush toys and delightful souvenirs, symbols of our appreciation for your support. Section 2: Discover GESTER's Innovations When the sign-in ceremony is completed, our staff will guide the customers to visit GESTER Instruments.Each instrument is accompanied by dedicated narrators who will provide in-depth explanations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their features and benefits. For example, the following four machines: A. Colour Matching Light Box For Color Matching GT-D08: Colour Matching Light Box; Colors appear differently under different lighting sources. To avoid/reduce the assessment error when performing color contrast, we can use of a color matching booth/ color matching box/ color matching cabinet/ color matching light box/ viewing booth / color light box to simulate different light sources to obtain an objective assessment of color and color difference, anytime, anywhere. B. Rotary Drum DIN Abrasion Tester GT-KB03: Witness the power of durability testing with the GT-KB03 Rotary Drum DIN Abrasion Tester. This machine assesses the resistance of materials, such as textiles, leather, and coatings, against abrasion. The rotary drum, combined with standardized testing parameters, accurately replicates real-life wear and tear scenarios. Discover how this instrument helps you evaluate the durability and performance of your products, ensuring they meet the industry standards. C. Shoelace Against Eyelets Abrasion Tester GT-KC03: This shoelace abrasion tester is used for shoelace against standard eyelet abrasion testing, or eyelet against standard shoelace abrasion testing. This tester is suitable for all kinds of shoelace and eyelet. Experience the precision and reliability of the GT-KC03 Shoelace Against Eyelets Abrasion Tester. By subjecting your shoelaces to controlled and standardized testing, you can ensure their durability and longevity. D. ICI Pilling And Snagging Tester GT-C18: Delve into the world of fabric quality assessment with the GT-C18 ICI Pilling And Snagging Tester. This instrument measures the resistance of textiles to pilling and snagging, replicating the common challenges faced during everyday use. By subjecting fabrics to controlled rubbing, this machine helps you evalua...
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  • Gester Double Happiness Ceremony - Anniversary & Factory Relocation
    Gester Double Happiness Ceremony - Anniversary & Factory Relocation May 09, 2023
    Gester Instruments Co.,Ltd. is a national high-tech textile testing equipment manufacturers engaged in R&D and production of high precision physical properties textile testing instruments with more than 20 years experience, expertly specialized  in providing integrated laboratory testing solutions for children's products, textile, footwear and furniture. On May 24, 2023, at2:00 pm, Gester Instruments Co.,Ltd will celebrate a special moment - our anniversary and the relocation of our factory. This important milestone signifies our journey towards a new era of development. As a leading manufacturing enterprise, we are committed to enhancing production capacity and quality to meet the constantly evolving demands of customers. Over the past few years, we have achieved tremendous success by expanding business and launching numerous new products and technologies. To further improve production efficiency and provide better service, we have decided to relocate our factory to a larger and more modern site. The new factory covers an area of approximately 15000 square meters, providing more space to expand our production lines. At the same time, the new factory has introduced state-of-the-art production technologies and equipment, including automated production lines and precision control systems. These technologies and equipment will enhance our production efficiency and product quality while reducing costs and environmental impact. It is worth mentioning that the new factory will also include a series of advanced laboratories and research centers to accelerate innovation and product development processes. Our research and development team will be able to conduct more extensive and in-depth research in these facilities, bringing more competitive products and solutions to customers. We are extremely grateful to our employees and customers for their support and trust, which have contributed to our remarkable success over the past few years. We invite you to join us in celebrating this special moment and take a closer look at new factory's capabilities and innovative technologies. Gester Instruments Co.,Ltd looks forward to future opportunities and challenges and hope to continue providing customers with the best products and services in our new factory. We will continue to strive to improve our production capacity and quality to meet the ever-changing market demands and continue to innovate to drive business growth. We firmly believe that the new factory will be a solid foundation for future success and growth. Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to seeing you at anniversary celebration and welcoming you to our new factory.
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  • May Day Holiday Notice
    May Day Holiday Notice April 28, 2023
    May Day/Labor Day is one of the significant celebrations throughout the year, and it is a holiday that we share as people who love life and work. During this occasion, we can reflect on our work and accomplishments in the past year, while also taking time to unwind and celebrate the holiday with family and friends. In celebration of Labour Day, we will be off from April 29 to May 3. During the holiday period, our company's service hotline will remain open. If you require any urgent assistance or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, and we will endeavor to assist you promptly. We would also like to remind everyone to exercise caution and cherish life. If you plan on traveling or participating in outdoor activities, it is crucial to prioritize your personal safety and safeguard your possessions to prevent any untoward incidents. Additionally, kindly abide by traffic rules and avoid speeding or driving under the influence of alcohol to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Lastly, we extend our sincere wishes to you and your loved ones for a happy, healthy, and secure holiday during the Labor Day period.
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  • Regarding the Holiday Arrangement of 2023 New Year's Day
    Regarding the Holiday Arrangement of 2023 New Year's Day December 31, 2022
    New Years Day is one of important days for many people in the word during theyear. January 1st is considered as the NewYears Day. Asthe saying goes, A good beginning is half the battle. So, many people go all out to celebratethe important day. Regarding the holiday arrangement of 2023 New Year's Day According to the relevant national holiday regulations, the holiday arrangements for the 2023 New Year's Day is scheduled for 3 days from December 31, 2022 (Saturday) to January 2, 2023 (Monday). Please make relevant work arrangements in advance. May your life be happy and all your dreams come true.
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