• Regarding the Holiday Arrangement of 2023 New Year's Day
    Regarding the Holiday Arrangement of 2023 New Year's Day December 31, 2022
    New Years Day is one of important days for many people in the word during theyear. January 1st is considered as the NewYears Day. Asthe saying goes, A good beginning is half the battle. So, many people go all out to celebratethe important day. Regarding the holiday arrangement of 2023 New Year's Day According to the relevant national holiday regulations, the holiday arrangements for the 2023 New Year's Day is scheduled for 3 days from December 31, 2022 (Saturday) to January 2, 2023 (Monday). Please make relevant work arrangements in advance. May your life be happy and all your dreams come true.
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  • Hello, GESTER ! End Means New Beginning
    Hello, GESTER ! End Means New Beginning January 24, 2022
    Busy all year, Finally end of year summary and activities are coming, just waiting for this day! Say "Hello, chinese new year" With These following Unique Ideas. First of all, the curtain of the year-end event was opened with the speech of the company leader. Second, Thanks to the employees who have worked in GESTER for more than years, thank them for believing Gester and growing together with Gester! Announce 2021 employees who perform well in their jobs and encourage them to continue to grow and move forward with generous bonuses. The most tense and exciting part is coming! All staff raffle! Announce Winners ! After dinner, all the staff took pictures to commemorate! GESTER wishes everyone All expectations can appear,all dreams can be realized,all hopes can be fulfilled,all efforts can be successful ! 2022 Chinese New Year just around the corner, in order to facilitate working and living arrangements in advance, we hereby notify the spirit and thecompany's welfare policy based on the State Council, the holiday arrangement notice "Spring"period as follows: Chinese New Year Vacation starts at 25th Jan and ends at 9th Feb.
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  • This Christmas Is More Wonderful Because Of You
    This Christmas Is More Wonderful Because Of You December 25, 2021
    Star bright sky, Bell distant harmony, blessing happiness around. December has crystal balls, snowy nights, lights lit by stars, fairy tales by the fire, and miracles. Every snowflake of Christmas is a letter from winter. The snowflakes falling on the Christmas tree bring you a rich new year, theswinging gifts on the Christmas tree reflect your bright smile. Time is like a poem, every sentence is melodious. Friendship is like a song.Warm season, full of missing. Streets, everywhere filled with the smell of Christmas, my deeply bless for you, also falls in it.Have noticed? GESTER also prepared a lot of Christmas gifts for Staff and guests. In the day of joy GESTER present GESTER sincere wishes and kind thoughts.May happiness, good luck, happiness, flowers and all thebest wishes be with you.
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  • Gester Team building activities-how each person thinks, works, solves problems, and has fun
    Gester Team building activities-how each person thinks, works, solves problems, and has fun July 17, 2021
    Team building activities can promote better teamwork in the workplace, a great way of improving communication, morale, motivation, productivity, helping employees or new teams to get to know each other better, and learning about one’s strengths and weaknesses.  Gester started team building activties with the purpose that allow them to collaborate efficiently to complete tasks , Through working together, colleagues will be aware of their own capabilities and the capabilities of the group in general, and can organise the workload accordingly. To this end, we also have invited senior professionals in the industry to participate in our company's activities  First of all, with the launch of the Signed activities, the team building officially began.  The first round is divided into four teams, and each team choosed a person to share their team's work plan, goals, and work experience.  After sharing, other teams puted forward questions and suggestions, and finally the judges commented on each team and point out the shortcomings of each team. At this time, it is close to lunch time. Given each team two hours to solve the lunch and improve their problems. Before the start of the second round, we hold a mini game for the hot field. Next each team choosed a member to share their final results, and the judges would comment on it. After two rounds in the morning and afternoon, the judges scored and finally voted for the best team. They also won the generous bonus.  What surprised the judges was that in just two hours, each team fully demonstrated their execution ability and absorbed suggestions from other teams and judges, which were well reflected in the final sharing.  When a team works well together, colleagues feel more comfortable offering suggestions and ideas. A respectful and trusting team environment will not only enable colleagues to think more creatively, but will lead to more productive and collaborative brainstorming sessions. Team building activities and games are supposed to be not only educational but also enjoyable. They help the team learn about each other — how each person thinks, works, solves problems, and has fun. Gester Every employee is also very grateful to the company for this opportunity, which allows them to gain a lot of valuable experience, and also makes each employee more team spirit.  A strong and cohesive team develops systems that allow them to collaborate efficiently to complete tasks.Offering encouragement also goes a long way to getting the best out of team members. Collaborating and being open to new ideas are also essential ingredients for a harmonious team environment.Businesses need new, fresh ideas to succeed in the competitive world.Gester socials and team building can help employees feel fully integrated and engaged, can increase their sense of loyalty to the organisation, best results come from teams who know each other, know how to communicate and how to collaborate, and th...
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  • Gester tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the the Communist Party of China!
    Gester tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the the Communist Party of China! July 01, 2021
    Gester tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the the Communist Party of China! With the wisdom of the pen, with sweat as ink, pure love records at the time of the picture, writing Chinese off in the history of the sky. The spring of hope and glory, summer and autumn is golden red passion, and mature, winter snow white and quiet, the motherland seasons are bright. She has led China through decades of ups and downs, and led us through bumps and bumps.On July 1,1921,thebirth of the Communist Party of China was like a dawn breaking the night sky and twinkling in the East.From then on, the history of the Chinese revolution opened a new page.The party has been leading us to stride forward, chopping the waves and opening up the course. We can't forget that the Communist Party of China is fighting in the front line of reform and opening up, resisting Japan and saving the country, and the people's soldiers are fighting in tears to protect the country. We will never forget that the construction, reform and opening up, innovative thinking, generation after generation of new and old party members, conscientious and hardworking in the past 100 years are the pillars of our economy. we will never forget that many outstanding Party members have no regrets and are willing to work for the people and communism all their lives. Gester bless the motherland tomorrow, day Lanshan more green water cleaner, more prosperous economy people happier, more powerful national strength.
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  • GESTER Employees Contribute Their Own Strength To Defeat The Covid Virus
    GESTER Employees Contribute Their Own Strength To Defeat The Covid Virus May 20, 2021
    In accordance with the principle of “informed, voluntary and consent” for Covid vaccination, the leaders of GESTER Company organized to go to the vaccination site and took the lead to participate in the vaccination. What are the benefits of Covid vaccination ? One is to protect yourself. Vaccines can stimulate the body's immunity, even if it is infected, it can effectively reduce severe illness and mortality. The second is to defend the country. When enough people are vaccinated, the transmission chain of the virus will be interrupted and herd immunity will be realized.   According to the prompts from the staff, all GESTER employees carefully read the precautions for the vaccination schedule and make an appointment in advance. Bring ID card, mobile phone and other items. It is best not to vaccinate on an empty stomach. Wear loose clothes on the day of Covid vaccination to facilitate vaccination and wear a mask. At the time of Covid vaccination, the doctor will help us determine whether the vaccination is possible ; carefully read and sign the informed consent form. All employees wear masks throughout the process, line up methodically, and Keep a good distance. After the vaccination, we stayed in the observation area of the vaccination site for 30 minutes.   After 30 minutes, you can leave the vaccination site if you have no symptoms; all Gester employees have no adverse reactions.   Through the organization of Covid vaccination activities, all employees of GESTER said that vaccinating can reduce the risk of infection. The more people vaccinated, the more herd immunity can be formed, and they also can contribute their own strength to defeat the Covid virus. 
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  • GESTER 24th Anniversary
    GESTER 24th Anniversary April 27, 2021
    Time flies, with a flick of a finger, GESTER ushered in its 24th anniversary. Gester Instruments Co.,LTD is professionally engaged in production and R&D of physical properties testing equipment. With many years experience in research and development, we specialize in providing the total solutions of Toys and Baby Stuff Testing Equipment, Textiles Testing Equipment, Footwear Testing Equipment, Furniture Testing Equipment, Protective and Mask Testing Equipment etc. GESTER is determined to become the best tester supplier in China. We will insist the principle of Innovation, Exploitation and Enterprising, keep on improving our design level , developing and refreshing our products. We depend on higher quality, better sales and after sales service to serve our customers, our persistent effort will helps us to win the favor of the whole world and become the top testing manufacture in China.     Wish GESTER gets better and better!
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  • GESTER wish you a Merry Christmas
    GESTER wish you a Merry Christmas December 25, 2020
    On this Christmas day, in order to enrich the company culture, improve team cohesion, and enhance employee feelings and cooperation; the personnel department organizes everyone to play games, dance bunny dances, step on balloons, and order afternoon tea drinks for everyone to invigorate the team atmosphere. GESTER Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with happy surprises.
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