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Package Carton Single Wing Falling Tester GT-LC05-1
Package Carton Single Wing Falling Tester GT-LC05-1
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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE Certificates
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    ISO 2248, JIS Z0202, GB / T4857.5, ISTA
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    Xiamen Port
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    25 days
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Package Carton Single Wing Falling Tester GT-LC05-1

Product Introduction


The instrument Single Wing Falling Tester is designed to test the damage of product packaging and to evaluate the impact resistance during transport. Can be on the package surface, angle, edge for free drop test, equipped with digital display height meter and using the decoder for a high degree tracking, which can accurately give the product drop height, with the default drop height error of not more than 2% or 10mm.


  • This machine adopts single-arm double-column structure, with electric reset, electric drop and electric lift device.
  • Easy to use; Unique hydraulic buffer device greatly improves the machine life, stability and security.
  • Single arm, can easily place the product.
  • Drop angle, the angle between the impact surface and the plane of the bottom plate is less than or equal to 5.°


Key Specifications



Falling Height


Falling Height Error


Parallel error between pallet and impact panel

≤2 degree

The Error Angle of the Falling Surface of the Specimen in the Process of Falling

≤3 degree

Single Wing Area

210×150 (mm2)

Floor Area


Test Space

800×800×1000 (mm)

Bearing Weight

70 (kg)

Height Adjustment

motor drive

Open arm

By the cylinder (air pressure greater than 6KG)

or power-driven

Volumn (L×W×W)

1700×1200×2827 (mm)

Weight (kg)

About 500 kg

Power Supply

3 phase AC 380V 50 / 60HZ 1KW


ISO 2248, JIS Z0202, GB / T4857.5, ISTA


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      Package Carton Single Wing Falling Tester GT-LC05-1

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