• About The Test Method of DeMattia Upper Flexing Tester GT-KBO8B
    About The Test Method of DeMattia Upper Flexing Tester GT-KBO8B August 02, 2022
    About The Test Method of DeMattia Upper Flexing Tester GT-KBO8B DeMattia Flexing Fatigue Tester is used to determine bending resistance of rubber, leather, synthetic leather, shoe sole and other materials.And inspect it fiex cracking resistance,resistance to cracking and crack growth degree by repeatedly flexing in certain times andstroke. How to Operate the DeMattia Upper Flexing Tester 1. Plug demattia flex tester in power cord.Switch clockwise to turn on the power. 2. Check the safe door working properly or not before test: close both doors,click START then machine starts to run, when open the doors machine willstop,that means safe doors work properly. 3. Sampling: take a standard sample with a size of 37.5mm*125mm.Mark two symmetrical lines with a distance of 70mm from the middleof sample and use as clamping lines. 4. Before clamping samples, click 'Set' and then click 'Up Reset' to reset upper fixtures. 5. Clamp sample on NO.5 fixuture. 6. Loosen the clamp screw with inner hexagon spanner,fold the sample inward twice with the coated side facingout. Clamp the lower first, align the marked line with the end face of the fixture and tight screw, and then clampthe upper the same way. The clamped sample should be slightly taut. 7. After sample clamping, click"Micro' and then adjust the sample byhand to make a little arc in the middle. 8. Click 'Set' and the click ‘Down Reset' . 9. Start clamp sample on No.2 fixture, operation method as just now. 10. Close safe door after sample clamp, then set the running parameters. 11. Click 'Set' to enter parameters setting. There are two modes 'Counter' and 'Timer'.Select modes you need.'Counter' for testing this time.Need to set the count timesbefore testing. 12. After parameter setting, click 'Return' first and then click Zero', finally click 'Start' to test. 13. Demattia flexing fatigue tester will stop automatically after reach the preset times. Take out the sample to obeserve and judge it according to test standard.
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  • What is Elmendorf Tear Test Machine ?
    What is Elmendorf Tear Test Machine ? July 26, 2022
    What is Elmendorf Tear Test Machine ? Tearing Strength Tester is the tensile force required to rupture a pre-slitsample under controlled test conditions. This tearing strength tester is designed for tearing resistance of textile, non-woven fabrics, paper, paper board, thin film, ventilation tape, metal sheet materials and etc. Elmendorf tear astm d1922 machine works on the principle of measuring the Internal tearing resistance, which isthe force perpendicular to the plane of the fabric required to propagate a single-rip or tear of a definedlength from a cut in the fabric when a sudden force is applied.The force required to continue a slitpreviously cut in a fabric is determined by measuring the work done in tearing the fabric through a fixeddistance. Tear Testing Feature 1.Advanced calculation methods make sure precision test & good repetition. 2.Microcomputer system, can do auto test, calculate, analysis result, print test report. 3.Elmendorf tearing strength tester upload the test data. 4.Humanity operation system, Chinese and English operation interface with easy & convenience methods. 5.Elmendorf Tearing Tester Can look up all the datum & statistical result in mainframe freely. 6.Fabric tearing strength tester test unit can convention between N, gf, cN and ibs, suitable for differents standards requirements automatically. 7.Pneumatic sample grips and pendulum bob released to make sure equal clamping force. 8.Elmendorf Tearing Tester Cut sample automatically, making sure same shape of notch, reducing operation strength. Tear test plastic film Standards Textile: GB/T3917.1, ASTM D1424, DIN 53862, ISO13937-1, ISO4674-2, ISO9290, M&S P29, NF G07-149 Paper: GB/T455, APPITA P400, ASTM D689, BS 4468, CSA D9, DIN 53128, EN 21974,ISO 1974, JIS P8116, PAPTAC D9, SCAN P11, SNV 198482, TAPPI T414, UNI 6444 Plastic: GB/T11999, ASTM D1922, ISO6383-2, JIS K7128-2 Non-woven: ASTMD5734 Tearing strength test method 1. Digital Fabric Elmendorf Tearing Strength Tester Machine equipped with 1pc of Load A, 1pc of Load B, 3pcs of Load C and a sample template. 2. Connect with electricity, compress air. 3. Turn on the machine. 4. Choose the suitable test range according to the sample and put matched loads. 5. Click "Set", set the test parameters. 6. Need to click "CALIBRATION" when you change to new loads. 7. Click"Clamp" after put the sample. 8. Click"Start", machine will complete the test automatically. 9. Print out the test results.
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  • What Is The Test Method Of The Cornell Mattress Fatigue Testing Machine
    What Is The Test Method Of The Cornell Mattress Fatigue Testing Machine July 19, 2022
    What Is The Test Method Of The Cornell Mattress Fatigue Testing Machine Mattress Spring Fatigue Tester/ Cornell Tester is applied to test the endurance capacity under the long-term repetitive load and the compression deformation for the mattress.Accord with the standard ASTM F 1566. With sofa Cornell fatigue life test method, motor drive eccentric wheel, adjust the impacting height of the impact block, then impact the testing mattress by 120-160 times / min, counter measures the impacting times, shut down automatically when reaches the setting times. This instrument is composed of two cooperating test systems, one is the impact fatigue test system (controlled by PLC), and the other one is the deflection test system (controlled by computer software). ASTM F 1566 Mattress Spring Fatigue Tester Operation 1.Before Furniture tester Mattress Spring Fatigue Testing 1.1 Prepare the mattress or mattress sets to be tested and mark the test location, according to the standard. 1.2 Install the power supply as required, and connect the computer and the machine. 2.Mattress Spring Fatigue Tester Operating Steps 2.1 Turn on, enter PLC Interface, Install mattress, adjust the position of the hammer, make it points to test location. 2.2 Tum on control box and computer. 2.3 Click "English" to enter the test interface, click "TOP" to make impact head returm to the top point. 2.3.1 On ProjectSelect, choose first one,ASTM F1566 Cornel,Test 1 Step. Click "Zero" ,  start testing, when test done, "Save data?"appeared, click "save" test result automatically, on test Result, you can see result value. This value divided by 2,you can get radius of rotation, adjust the impact head with the obtained radius of rotation.Use spanner unscrew it.There is scale line, use another spanner to adjust it. Click UP", make impact head don't touch the mattress. 2.3.2 On ProjectSelect, choose second one,ASTM F1566 Cormel,Test 2 Step, start test. When test done, "Save data?appeared, click "Cancel” , don't need to save this value. Set test parameters on PLC, including the total test cycles, segment test cycles, test speed.Click "START" to runnina. When the segment test cycles is done(100 cycles), the PLC will pause. 2.3.3 On computer, User Settings, choose ProjectSelect, choose third one, ASTM F1566 Cormel, Test 3 Step. Click Zero , " Test to start testing.When test done,"Save data?"appeared, click "Cancel” , don't need to save this value. 2.3.4 On computer, User Settings, choose ProjectSelect, choosefourth one,ASTM F1566 Cornel,Test 4 Step. When test done,"Save data?" appeared, click "save , to save this value. On testResult, you can see result value. On ResultSelect, select "ASTMF1566 Test 4 Step", you can get all values. Result value resolution: When it deform 12.7mm, the force is 240.10N;When it deform 25.4mm, the force is 607.18N;
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  • How To Operate Crockmeter With Manual Or Electric
    How To Operate Crockmeter With Manual Or Electric July 14, 2022
    How To Operate Crockmeter With Manual Or Electric The color fading of clothing to rubbing is an annoyance for people, as it directly affectsthe appearance and service life. In order to improve this property, producers have toattach importance to the color fastness of raw materials like textiles or leathers torubbing and master it with the help of an instrument, so the crockmeter was born to bethis helper. The AATCC Crockmeter provides a quick and accurate method to determine the amount of color transferred from textile materials (such as fabric, carpeting, yarn and leather) to other surfaces by rubbing. Crockmeter machine with manual and electric to test the color fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing. Also named rubbing fastness tester.In the crocking test, a reliable Crockmeter plays a vital role in the repeatable and reproducible results. Manual Crockmeter Test Procedure 1. Remove the metal sample holder and place the specimen on the plate sticking it  to the pieces of tape. Replace the metal sample holder. 2. Mount the crocking cloth onto the crocking pin, using the clip to secure the cloth. 3. Lower the rubbing head onto the fabric specimen and perform the required number of rubs by turning the handle. 4. When the requisite number of rubs has been completed lift the rubbing head and remove the sample and crocking cloth. 5. If a wet fabric has been tested allow the crocking cloth to dry at room temperature. Electric Crockmeter Test Procedure 1. Pull out the bolt and lift up the friction head,Twist the bar and take out the platen 2. Place the sample on a platform and Cover the pressure plate,Install the depression bar and lock. 3. Fix the friction cloth on the friction head with an iron ring. 4. set the test times after power switch, click s to start the test. Different from the manual crockmeter, the reciprocating number of electric corckmeter can be preset on the counter and run automatically up to the end point,which can save much labor.
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  • Bally Leather Flexing Tester Can Be Carried Out With Wet Or Dry Test
    Bally Leather Flexing Tester Can Be Carried Out With Wet Or Dry Test July 04, 2022
    This Bally resistance flexing tester is used to determine the resistance of a material to cracking or other types of falure at flexing creases.The method is applicable to all flexible materials and in particular leathers, coated fabrics and textiles used in footwear uppers. Bally leather flexing tester test specimen is folded in half then one end is secured in a clamp.The test specimen is then turned inside out andthe free end secured in a second clamp at 90 degrees to the first.The first clamp is repeatedly oscillated through a fied angle at a defined ratecausing the test specimen to flex.At set intervals the number of fexing cycles is recorded and the damage to the test specimen is visually assessed. The bally flex test can be carried out with wet or dry test specimens at ambient. 1. Dry test 1.Clamp the specimen: 1.1 Twiddle the back button of the machine,and adjust the upper jig to the horizontal position. 1.2 Fold up the specimen from the middle in the length direction, making the testing side inwards and the edge aligned, as fig.5 shows. 1.3 Fixed the upper jig and lower jig and Loosen the screw, then put one end of the specimen into the upper jig to make the folding line flush with the bottom line of the upper jig. Then lock the set screws when the specimen reaches the set crews of the upper jig. 1.4 Fold down the other end of the specimen, cover the folding ling and keep vertical, as FIG 6 shows. 1.5 Then vertically insert the bottom of the specimen into the lower jig(90 degree)and keep the folding line vertical.Before insertion gently pull the specimen and lock the set screws (just straight the specimen, and don't have to exert a greater force) 1.6 After Clamping the specimen, turn the back knob to adjust the upper jig to the maximum bending angle, and the bending angle should be 22.5±0.5. 2. Wet test 2.1 Turn up the reverse side(not used for testing) of the specimen on the table, draw distilled water to the reverse side with the straw and then roll on it with glass rod to make water infiltrate the specimen edge within 5mm. And the absorption lasts about 1-2 minutes. 2.2 The bally flex tester for leather materials operation method is in accordance with the dry test procedure. 3. Attention 1. In case of looseness while bally test, confirm whether the set screws are locked after fixing the specimen. 2. Don't lock the screws too tight when clamping the specimen, so as to avoid damaging the specimen while bending.
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  • How To Test Abrasion For Footwear
    How To Test Abrasion For Footwear June 27, 2022
    Shoes are one of the necessities in our daily life, among which the abrasion test is a very important test. So how to test abrasion for footwear ? Use footwear abrasion testing machines. The following are several tests about the friction test of shoe materials 1. IULTCS Veslic Leather Abrasion Tester 1Position GT-KC01-1 Leather rubbing fastness tester is the testing machine which is accordance with the method for determining the color fastness to cycles of to-and-fro rubbing of the surface of leather. Iultcs rubbing fastness tester, designed to carry out a rub fastness test on the surface of leather to determine the amount of ‘marring’ of the leather surface or the finish and to assess the amount of color transfer from the sample to the rubbing pad under dry or wet conditions.This machine is suitable for all types of stain-resistant fur dry and wet rubbing fastness, and various types of fur products and fur leather goods and dual-use lint-free test. 2. Taber abrasion resistance test machine GT-C14A Taber Type Abrasion Tester to determine the wear resistance of materials and assess its wear resistance degree, like measuring its mass loss, thickness loss, and transmittance etc. It’s applicable for flat products, like suitcases, carpet, cardboard, clothing, glass, plastic coatins, metal coating, paint, varnishes, decorative sheets, high pressure sheets, plastics, textiles, flexible floor mats, traffic paint, tile, anodizing layer, blankets, electronic components, decorative plates, wax, label, leather, dental materials, automobile interior decoration, resin, furniture, etc. 3. ASTM D1630 NBS Rubber Abrasion Tester For Soles GT-KB02 NBS Rubber Abrasion Tester Determine the resistance to abrasion of vulcanized rubber or other compounds, or both, used for the soles and heels of footwear. It is not recommended for materials less than 2.54 mm (0.1 in.) in thickness. 4. Shoelace Abrasion Resistance Tester GT-KC02 Shoelace Rubbing Tester is used to test the abrasion resistance for shoelace of cotton, hemp, chemical fiber or other materials. Take two shoelace, mutually hook in the middle. Clamp the both ends of the shoelace at the movable fixture of shoelace rubbing tester, which can make reciprocating linear motion; clamp one end of the other shoelace on the corresponding fied fixture and another end of the shoelace round by a fixed pulley and hanging the a weight. Make the two shoelace abrasion each other by reciprocating linear motion. Then check the wear resistance, when the machine run up to pre-set times, the machine stop. 5. Martindale Abrasion Tester GT-KC13B The Martindale Abrasion Tester is used to determine the abrasion resistance of ll kinds of footwear vamp material. Samples arerubbed against known abrasion at low pressures and in continuously changing directions and the amount of abrasion.The uniquedesign allows removal of individual sample holders for examination without lifting the top motion plate.
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  • About The Test Method of Drawer Durability Strength Testing Machine
    About The Test Method of Drawer Durability Strength Testing Machine June 20, 2022
    Drawer Durability Strength Testing Machine is designed to test the durability and strength of drawers, desks, cabinets and wardrobe. Drawer Durability Strength Tester Feature 1. Capable of cycling time control, constant travel control, frequency control, test force display. 2. Cabinets Durability And Strength Testing Machine PLC controller to control the actions of the instrument; the operation is intuitive and simple. 3. Using the precision pressure regulating valve to adjust the pressure to change the loading force value; high precision force sensor sense the force value immediately. Wardrobe Durability And Strength Testing Machine Standards: BIFMAX5.3,BIFMA X5.5,GB/T 10357.5,ISO 7170 Drawer Durability& Strength Testing Machine GT-LD01C Testing Method 1. Use a tapeline to measure the distance that the sample handle(where fixture fixed) needs to be pulled apart during the test. 2. Start up Desks Durability And Strength Testing Machine , enter the test interface, set the distance between two sensor,it should be the same as the handle pulling distance during the test. 3. Adjust the cylinder to the front sensor where it lit 4. Clamp the sample with the fixture (ps: The position of the sample needs to be convenient for the cylinderto open the door.) 5. Set the test number, zero clearing the current test number 6. Press the start button to start the test
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  • How To Maintain Air Permeability Tester
    How To Maintain Air Permeability Tester June 13, 2022
    1. Application: Air Permeability Tester is used to test the air permeability of extile fabrics, various woven fabics, k.itted fabrics, non-woven fabrcs, industi.filter materials etc. 2. Standards: GB/T 5453,GB/T13764, IS0 9237,IS0 7231,IS0 5636,BS 5636,ASTM D737,DIN 53887,JISL1096,AFNORG07-111,EDANA140.1,IlSO9073-15 3. Feature 3.1 High precision import pressure and pressure differential sensor to ensuring the accuracy of data. 3.2 Microcomputer processing without manual calculation and the test result can displayed directly. 3.3 Air Permeability Testing Machine equipped with thermal printer to print the experiment result. 3.4 Air permeability tests Built-in 7 testing units: mm/s、m3/m2.min、cm3/cm2.s、m3/m2.h, cfm, L/dm2.min, L/m2.s 3.5 Touch Screen Control as well as operating by connect to the computer 3.6 Testing arm was pneumatic controlled and can press and put up automatically 3.7 Air Permeability Testing Instruments Equipped with 11 nozzle with different calibers to meet different specimens.8.The air permeability tester can change the nozzle manually. 4. MAINTENANCE The environment what the Air Permeability Testing Instruments requires is that the temperature at 10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, humidity requirements below 85% RH.And there is no vibration, no corrosive medium, no strong electromagnetic interference in the surrounding environment. 4.1 Always keep the equipment and control system clean and hygienic. 4.2 Prevention of high temperature, humidity, dust, corrosive media, water, etc. immersed inside the machine or control system. 4.3 Regularly check, keep parts, parts integrity. 4.4 Note on the rust parts, coated with anti-rust oil. 4.5 Instrument factory before the pressure has been calibrated, non-professional inspection and maintenance personnel, shall not be arbitrarily calibrated, otherwise the instrument will force inaccurate. 4.6 Test the Automatic Air Permeability Tester regularly to ensure the accuracy of the instrument measurements. 4.7 Non-professional maintenance and verification personnel shall not remove instruments. The metering performance test must be carried out after each overhaul, so as to avoid the failure of the equipment. Thank you for choosing the GESTER's products, the company not only provide good quality products to your company, but also provide a reliable after-sales service.
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