• Hello, GESTER ! End Means New Beginning
    Hello, GESTER ! End Means New Beginning January 24, 2022
    Busy all year, Finally end of year summary and activities are coming, just waiting for this day! Say "Hello, chinese new year" With These following Unique Ideas. First of all, the curtain of the year-end event was opened with the speech of the company leader. Second, Thanks to the employees who have worked in GESTER for more than 9 years, thank them for believing Gester and growing together with Gester! Announce 2021 employees who perform well in their jobs and encourage them to continue to grow and move forward with generous bonuses. The most tense and exciting part is coming! All staff raffle! Announce Winners ! After dinner, all the staff took pictures to commemorate! GESTER wishes everyone All expectations can appear,all dreams can be realized,all hopes can be fulfilled,all efforts can be successful ! 2022 Chinese New Year just around the corner, in order to facilitate working and living arrangements in advance, we hereby notify the spirit and thecompany's welfare policy based on the State Council, the holiday arrangement notice "Spring"period as follows: Chinese New Year Vacation starts at 25th Jan and ends at 9th Feb.
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  • What Is The Light Fastness Testing?
    What Is The Light Fastness Testing? January 07, 2022
    What Is The Light Fastness Testing? Light fastness testing is a specific type of Colour Fastness Testing, where its purpose is to subject your test samples to intense artificial light to assess the impact on the material. GESTER Instruments co.,ltd is a dedicated manufacturer and wholesaler of physical testing instrument in China. Our products are highly appreciated by a number of world-class third-party inspection agencies, such as SGS, BV, Intertek, etc. We can know about the GESTER light fastness testing equipment. Application This light fastness tester apply to light color fastness, anti-climate color fastness, light & perspiration color fastness and light aging tests of textile, paint, dye, coating, rubber, plastic, wood floor, paper and other materials, it have anti-climate functions of exposing to the rain, revolution and mist spraying. Feature 1. The 2500W long arc xenon lamp is used to simulate the solar spectrum. 2. Xenon Light Fastness Tester: High transmittance of filter combinations and use 95% of the transmittance filters and filter cartridges. With Low power consumption but achieve the same irradiation light requirements. To make the machine is more energy saving and environment friendly. 3. Standard equipped with 420nm wave band, irradiance digital setting, real time monitoring,  closed loop automatic regulation, providing the most stable irradiance test light source for different standards (340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm and 300-800nm band optional ). 4. light fastness testing machine and radio transmission are powered by using light conversion technology, no additional power supply is required. 5. The sample is tested with black plate thermometer (BPT), black plate standard thermometer (BST), irradiance detector at the same position (in equidistance) to really indicate measuring state of the sample, the tested data is transmitted  6 synchronously by using technolody of radio frequency. 7. Light Fastness Testing Machine With industrial temperature control (refrigeration) system for smoothly and fast adjusting temperature in test chamber With several modes of operation (spray, alternating light and dark, revolution), can simulate the real climate state. 8. Individual timing of each sample clamp may enable different sample test in a same tester and facilitate test monitor and reduce operation cost. 9. 7-inch color touch screen, various test monitor models(animation, figure and chart), simply operate, directly and clear. 10. 1000 hours of continuous operations. 11. Industrial grade microcontroller with strong antijamming capability. 12. 12 working positions monitoring, can set and inquire the irradiation energy. 13. The machine possess fault prompt functions and self-diagnostic function.
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  • This Christmas Is More Wonderful Because Of You
    This Christmas Is More Wonderful Because Of You December 25, 2021
    Star bright sky, Bell distant harmony, blessing happiness around. December has crystal balls, snowy nights, lights lit by stars, fairy tales by the fire, and miracles. Every snowflake of Christmas is a letter from winter. The snowflakes falling on the Christmas tree bring you a rich new year, theswinging gifts on the Christmas tree reflect your bright smile. Time is like a poem, every sentence is melodious. Friendship is like a song.Warm season, full of missing. Streets, everywhere filled with the smell of Christmas, my deeply bless for you, also falls in it.Have noticed? GESTER also prepared a lot of Christmas gifts for Staff and guests. In the day of joy GESTER present GESTER sincere wishes and kind thoughts.May happiness, good luck, happiness, flowers and all thebest wishes be with you.
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  • Gester sorted out the products and testing performance of textile testing equipment.
    Gester sorted out the products and testing performance of textile testing equipment. December 20, 2021
    Gester has superb technology, the production of a lot of textile testing equipment. Textile testing equipment has different functions. Gester sorted out the products and testing performance of textile testing equipment. Testing products: 1. Various fiber composition fabrics: cotton, linen, wool (sheep, rabbit), leather, silk, polyester, viscose, spandex, nylon, CVC, etc. 2. Various structural fabrics : woven (plain, twill, satin), knitted (weft, cotton, rowan, warp), velvet, corduroy, flannel, lace, coated fabrics, etc. 3. Clothing: coat, trousers, skirt, sweater, T-shirt, cotton-padded coat, down jacket, socks, children's wear and so on. 4. Home textiles: sheets, quilts, bedspreads, towels, mattresses, etc. 5. Decorations: curtains, tablecloths, wall coverings, etc. 6. Home textiles: sheets, quilts, bedspreads, towels, mattresses, etc. 7. Decorations: curtains, tablecloths, wall coverings, etc. 8. Others: non-woven fabrics, masks, ecological textiles, antibacterial materials. Test items: Physical and chemical properties: density, yarn count, grammage, yarn twist, yarn strength, fabric structure, fabric thickness, fabric coverage factor, fabric shrinkage or weaving rate, bending deformation, tensile strength, tearing Strength, seam slippage, seam strength, adhesion strength, single yarn strength, yarn strength per linear density, anti-hooking, crease recovery angle test, stiffness test, water repellency test, leak resistance, elasticity And recovery force, air permeability, water vapor permeability, burst strength, abrasion resistance test, anti-pilling and so on. Chemical properties: PH content, formaldehyde content, lead content, azo dye test, heavy metal content test, water absorption, moisture content, peculiar smell, hot pressing, dry heat, storage sublimation, acid spot, alkali spot , Water spots, phenolic yellowing, etc. Color fastness test: color fastness to soap washing (sample), color fastness to rubbing, color fastness to chlorine water, non-chlorine bleaching, color fastness to dry cleaning, actual washing (clothing, fabric), color fastness to sweat, color fastness to water, light, sea water, saliva. Dimensional stability test: washing dimensional stability, every additional washing cycle, appearance after washing, dry cleaning dimensional stability, every additional dry cleaning cycle, appearance retention after commercial dry cleaning, fabric and clothing distortion/skew, steam dimensional stability, Cold water immersion dimensional stability, ironing dimensional stability, appearance after ironing, relaxation shrinkage/felting shrinkage, water deformation, heat shrinkage rate (boiling water shrinkage rate), appearance inspection of garments, etc. Functional testing: water proofing property test, water absorption, easy test, oil test, anti-static test, uv test, antibacterial, air permeability and moisture permeability testing, hygroscopic and quick drying, radiation protection, wear resistance, prevent hook silk, waterproof, prevent...
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  • General Testing Method For Tensile Strength Testing Machine
    General Testing Method For Tensile Strength Testing Machine December 13, 2021
    General testing method for tensile strength and elongation of footwear outsole. Tensile strength: the tensile stress at the maximum force value. Elongation at break: The ratio of the length increased by the test length to the original length when the sample is broken. Stress at specified elongation: The stress required when the sample reaches the specified elongation. Test equipment and auxiliary devices: 1. Tensile testing Machine for footwear 2. Die and cutter: Die for dumbbell-shaped specimens. The parallelism of the narrow part of the die should not exceed 0.05mm. 3. The thickness gauge has a stable platform, and its presser foot has a fixed weight load, which can apply a pressure of 10kPa ± 3 kPa. The diameter of the circular flat presser foot of the thickness gauge is 10.0mm soil 0.1mm. 4. The scale of the thickness gauge scale is 0.01mm Universal Material Tensile Testing Machine: 1. The moving speed is constant at 100mmmin, the accuracy is level 2, and the force value can be automatically recorded. Sample preparation: 2. The sample thickness is: ———High-density outsole made of polymer and elastic materials, with a thickness of 2.0mm 土0.2mm  ———Foamed microporous outsole, with a thickness of 4.0mm 土0.2mm. ———Leather outsole: thickness is outer sole thickness. 3. The number of samples for each test is at least 3, and a suitable layering machine should be used to obtain a uniform thickness. If feasible, the original smooth "skin" of the sample should be retained. Electronic universal testing machine Test Method: Mark the sample: If a non-contact star detector is used, use a suitable scribe to draw two reference marks on the sample to determine the test length of the sample, and mark two on the narrow part of the sample The reference mark that is equidistant from the center of the sample and perpendicular to the axis of the sample, as shown in Figure 2. When marking, the sample should be in an untensioned state. GESTER Universal Testing Machine For Footwear (Dual Column) GT-K01 is designed for conducting tensile, compression, bending, shearing, bonding strength, peeling, tearing and other tests for shoes ,rubber, plastic, leather, metal, nylon line, fabric, paper
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  • How To Maintain The Box Compression Testing Machine
    How To Maintain The Box Compression Testing Machine December 08, 2021
    What is the Carton Compression Tester This computer control Carton Compression Tester uses high-precision force sensor to test the resistance value of pressure and display it directly. The most direct equipment for testing the pressure resistance of containers made of cardboard or other materials. It is used to determine the cargo capacity and stacking height of the carton. It is suitable for the compression and holding test of various packages and cartons. The test results can be used as an important reference for the stacking height of the finished packaging box or an important basis for packaging box designing. How to maintain the box compression testing machine The Box Compression Tester will rust, precision error and other problems after a long time of use, which belong to the reason for not doing a good job of maintenance of the instrument. Therefore, GESTER sort out some of the carton compression testing machine maintenance methods for your reference. Maintenance : 1. LCD Model Box Compression Strength Tester must use the specified power supply and correct grounding. 2. Use the fuse within the specified limit. 3. failure, the operator to check and eliminate, can not run with disease. 4. Lubricate all moving parts from time to time. 5. if the printing paper roll is used up or the handwriting is not clear, replace the printing paper roll or ribbon. 6. Properly add oil to the transmission chain. The oil should not be too much. 7. The two drive screw to maintain proper lubrication, lubricating oil with specified mechanical oil, refueling must be removed from the two columns at the opening of the dust cover. 8. The working environment is kept clean and hygienic. 9. In order to keep the machine in good technical condition, periodic verification is carried out. GESTER Since our foundation, we have been concentrated on the research and development of physical testing instruments. As a result, our products are compliant with ISO, ASTM, DIN, EN, BS, GB, JIS, ANSI, UL, TAPPI, AATCC, IEC, VDE, CSA as well as other standards, and they are preferred by both domestic and overseas customers due to their high accuracy, excellent.
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  • Simple Troubleshooting Of Tensile Testing Machine
    Simple Troubleshooting Of Tensile Testing Machine November 16, 2021
    Users in the use of universal material testing machine, sometimes there will be some failures.  If the user can deal with the failure in time, it can improve the work efficiency of the enterprise, which is especially important when the project is on schedule. So Gester provides users with some common troubleshooting methods, hoping to help everyone. Solution to the failure of material tensile testing machine: 1. The power supply has electricity but the tensile testing machine can not move up and down. Check whether the power supply voltage of the access material tension tester is normal, check whether the upper and lower limit is in the appropriate position, etc. 2. After the tensile testing machine is online, a prompt box appears indicating overload. Check whether the on-line selection sensor is selected correctly, whether the sensor has been hit by accident, whether the communication line of the tensile testing machine has fallen off, check whether the calibration value has been manually changed, etc. 3. Plug it in and use it for a while, and suddenly there is no reaction. Check whether there is any problem with the wiring, whether the socket is plugged in, or the cable is almost cut off by a mouse, and check whether the power supply voltage connected to the tensile tester is normal. Universal Tensile Strength Tester (Dual Column), developed and produced by Gester Instruments, with high precision, the most perfect function, the most stable performance, cost-effective advantages. Tensile strength equipment Application: This Universal Tensile Strength Tester is designed for conduct tensile, compression, bending, shearing, bonding strength, peeling, tearing and other tests for rubber, plastic, leather, metal, nylon line, fabric, paper, aviation, packaging, construction, petrifaction, electrician, vehicle and other materials. universal testing machine is a basic equipment of quality control, receiving inspection, physical test, mechanics research, material development. Universal material testing machine Standards: ISO13934-1, 13934-2, 13935-1, 13935-2, 13936-1, 13936-2, 13936-3, 13937-2, 13937-3, 13937-4, 1421, 2411, 2062, 4674-1, 5082, 9073.3, 9073.4, 9073.18 ASTM D 434, D751, D885 , D1683, D2256, D2261, D2724, D2731, D3787, D4034, D4964, D5034, D5035, D5587, D5733, D5735 . BS 2543, 2576, 3320, 3424, 4303 , 4304, M&S P11, P12, P13, P14 JIS L1096
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  • Influencing Factors In The Hydrostatic Pressure Test Of Fabrics
    Influencing Factors In The Hydrostatic Pressure Test Of Fabrics November 10, 2021
    1. What is the Hydrostatic pressure test Hydrostatic pressure test (also called impermeability test) is one of the important indicators of waterproof and moisture-permeable fabrics. Hydrostatic pressure refers to the resistance encountered when water passes through the fabric. Under standard atmospheric pressure conditions, the fabric is subjected to continuously rising water pressure until water drops leak out from the back of the fabric. At this time, the measured water pressure is the hydrostatic pressure. The greater the hydrostatic pressure that the fabric can withstand, the better the water resistance or leakage resistance. 2. The principle of hydrostatic test of fabric: Through three test methods: dynamic test, static test and program, the test sample is fixed on the test area specified by the standard. The air pressure control puts the air pressure of 0-5bar into a built-in water tank filled with distilled water. A test head is connected to the water tank. After the test starts, the test pressure starts to be automatically controlled. 3. The influencing factors in the fabric water pressure test: (1) tightness of fabric yarn. The gap between yarns will directly affect the water pressure resistance. The closer the general fabric structure, the better its water seepage resistance. (2) the size of the aperture of the coating film. The larger the pore diameter of the membrane, the worse the hydrostatic pressure resistance of the coated fabric. (3) The size of contact Angle 0. When 0 > 90. , the fabric is water-repellent, and the water pressure resistance of the fabric increases with the increase of 0. (4) Coating thickness. The coating is too thin, the coating agent is not easy to continuously film on the surface, and the water pressure resistance of the coating fabric is reduced; The coating is thick and the water pressure resistance of the fabric is improved. (5) thickness of fabric. The thicker the fabric, the greater the wet resistance, the greater the water pressure value. (6) The thickness of yarn. For tight fabrics with good moisture absorption, yarn radius is reduced due to capillary effect. It can improve the impermeability of fabric. (7) the performance of warp and weft yarns. Under the action of water pressure, warp and weft yarns with good elasticity are easy to stretch, which leads to the formation of gaps between adjacent warp and weft yarns, and water droplets are easy to penetrate through, which reduces the water pressure resistance of the fabric. (8) Coating quality. The whole cloth is required to be uniform and has a certain fastness. The better the coating quality, the better the seepage resistance. (9) elasticity of fabric. Elastic fabric, water resistance also has a certain impact (10) The location of the sample and the flatness of the sample also affect the data in the test process. 4. Test standards AATCC 127 Option 2, ISO 811, ISO 1420, GB/T4744 FZT01004, DIN53886, JIS L1092, EN20811, EN 13726-3 The ab...
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