• Italian Customers Visit GESTER to Deepen Cooperation
    Italian Customers Visit GESTER to Deepen Cooperation May 17, 2024
    Italian Customers Visit GESTER to Deepen Cooperation In May 2024, Italian customers were invited to visit GESTER for a tour and exchange activities. As a global leader in the manufacturing of textile testing instruments, GESTER has become a key technology provider in the textile industry, enhancing quality and productivity with over 20 years of research and development experience. This exchange aims to promote cooperation between the two parties in the field of textile testing and jointly advance industry technology. 1. Impressions of GESTER: Professionalism and Innovation Since its establishment, GESTER has been dedicated to the research and manufacturing of Lab physical performance testing instruments, covering areas such as textile testing equipment, footwear testing machine, paper & packaging testing instruments, environmental chamber and universal testing machines ect. Through continuous technological innovation and strict quality control, GESTER's products are widely used in more than 50 countries and regions worldwide, earning the trust of customers. 2. Touring the Workshop: Experiencing Advanced Production Processes Accompanied by staff members, the Italian customers toured GESTER's production workshop, gaining a detailed understanding of the production processes and techniques of various Lab testing instruments. The modern production equipment and stringent quality management system left a deep impression on the customers. Every step on the production line is carried out in strict accordance with international standards, ensuring the high quality and reliability of each testing instrument. The customers also personally operated some of the testing instruments, expressing admiration for their efficient and precise performance. Through on-site demonstrations, the customers gained an in-depth understanding of the unique advantages and wide applications of GESTER's products, and they are confident about future cooperation. 3. Technical Exchange: Exploring New Opportunities for Cooperation In the subsequent technical exchange session, both parties conducted an in-depth discussion on the latest development trends in textile testing technology. The GESTER team shared the latest research results in textile quality testing, data analysis, and automated control. The Italian customers also introduced their actual needs and technical challenges in textile production. Through the exchange, the two parties discovered many common interests and preliminarily reached several cooperation intentions. Both parties agreed that there is significant potential for cooperation. This exchange not only deepened mutual understanding but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation. 4. Future Prospects: Working Together to Promote Industry Development This visit by the Italian customers to GESTER represents an important opportunity to deepen cooperation and jointly seek development. Through face-to-face exchanges, both parties shared their technologies an...
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  • GESTER Exhibiting at IGATEX PAKISTAN 2024
    GESTER Exhibiting at IGATEX PAKISTAN 2024 May 07, 2024
    GESTER Exhibiting at IGATEX PAKISTAN 2024 Introduction IGATEX PAKISTAN 2024 exhibition took place from May 1st to 4th, 2024, at the Lahore International Expo Centre, bringing together leading enterprises and professionals from the global textile industry. As a leading supplier of testing equipment in the industry, GESTER showcased its advanced equipment, aiming to explore new prospects of textile technology together with customers. Besides showcasing the latest equipment, GESTER also engaged in rich interactive activities to facilitate in-depth exchanges with customers and promote the exchange and development of industry technology. Advanced Equipment Display GESTER showcased a series of advanced testing equipment at its booth (Hall 01, I-60), including the GT-C13B-6 Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Machine, GT-C02-1A Universal Tensile Strength Tester (2.5KN), GT-C09 Snap Button Tester, GT-D04 Electronic Crockmeter, and GT-C75 Circular Fabric Sample Cutter. These devices not only demonstrate GESTER's achievements in technology research and development but also provide customers with the opportunity to understand product performance and quality. 1. GT-C13B-6 Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Machine: This equipment is a key testing tool for the durability and quality of textiles. The Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Machine simulate the wear and pilling of textiles during use, evaluating their durability and appearance changes. GESTER's GT-C13B-6 model is renowned for its high precision and reliability, accurately simulating wear under different conditions and providing textile manufacturers with essential quality control measures. 2. GT-C02-1A Universal Tensile Strength Tester (2.5KN): Tensile strength is an important indicator for evaluating the performance of textile materials. This universal tensile strength tester from GESTER can be used to test various properties such as tensile, tear, and peel strength of textile materials, with high precision and reliability. 3. GT-C09 Snap Button Tester: GESTER's snap button tester can perform pull tests on various types of buttons, assessing their durability and safety. With high automation and precision, this equipment provides reliable testing methods for garment manufacturers. 4. GT-D04 Electronic Crockmeter: Colorfastness is a crucial aspect of evaluating the color stability of textiles. 5. GT-C75 Circular Fabric Sample Cutter: The shape and size of samples are crucial for testing accuracy. GESTER's GT-C75 circular fabric sample cutter can quickly and accurately cut various types of fabric samples, ensuring testing accuracy and repeatability. Live Demonstrations and Experiments GESTER set up an experimental demonstration area at its booth, showcasing the operation process and testing effects of various equipment. Customers had the opportunity to operate the equipment themselves, experience the testing process, and receive guidance and answers from on-site professionals. This experimental demonstrati...
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  • GESTER Extends Warm Welcome to American Clients
    GESTER Extends Warm Welcome to American Clients April 28, 2024
    GESTER Extends Warm Welcome to American Clients In an increasingly interconnected global economy, visits are not only beneficial but essential for fostering long-term partnerships and understanding market nuances. GESTER recently had the honor of welcoming American client to our factory, a visit that provided both parties invaluable insights and fostered deeper business connections. This article explores the significance of their visit, the interactions that took place, and the mutual benefits derived from such exchanges. Understanding GESTER's Commitment to Excellence GESTER, a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of precision testing equipment for textiles, footwear, and related industries, prides itself on its commitment to quality and innovation. Our factory, equipped with the latest technology and adhering to the highest standards of production, serves as the backbone of our company’s promise to deliver reliable and effective solutions to our clients worldwide. The Purpose and Impact of the Visit objective of the visit from our American client was multifaceted: to provide them with an in-depth look at our testing euipments, showcase our latest technological advancements, and discuss strategies for enhanced product use and integration into their current systems. This interaction was also crucial for GESTER to receive direct feedback on our products and services, allowing us to better tailor our offerings to meet their specific needs. 1. Touring GESTER’s Facility The visit commenced with a detailed tour of our state-of-the-art facility. Our guest was introduced to the various stages of production, from initial design to final testing. We demonstrated our rigorous quality assurance processes and discussed the technology behind our equipment, emphasizing features that are particularly relevant to their business challenges. 2. Detailed Discussions and Tailored Solutions One of the key highlights of the visit was the detailed discussions that took place regarding the specific needs of our client. Understanding the challenges they face in their daily operations allowed us to propose customized solutions. 3. Building Connection Beyond the technical and business discussions, the visit was significant in building a stronger personal connection with our client. We believe that successful business relationships are built on trust and understanding, which are best developed through face-to-face interactions. We delved into not only business but also cultural exchanges, which helped both parties appreciate and understand each other. 4. Feedback and Future Planning Throughout the visit, we encouraged open feedback, which provided us valuable insights into our performance and areas for improvement. This direct communication is crucial for our ongoing effort to enhance our products and services. Moreover, we discussed future projects and potential collaborations, setting the stage for a long-term partnership that would include regular updates and con...
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  • Highlights of GESTER at the JIF Exhibition
    Highlights of GESTER at the JIF Exhibition April 25, 2024
    Introduction: The 25th Jinjiang Footwear & The 8th Sports Industry International Exposition, China (JIF Exhibition) is a significant event in the Chinese footwear and sports industry, attracting attention from numerous professionals in the field. GESTER has prepared a series of advanced testing equipment and a professional team for the exhibition. We have always been committed to exploring potential opportunities in the industry and establishing deep interactions with customers to achieve mutually beneficial development. This article will delve into the machines showcased by GESTER at this exhibition and the future development direction we reflect for the footwear and sports industries. Significance of the JIF Exhibition: China, as a crucial market in the global footwear and sports industry, is increasingly prominent in the industry. The JIF Exhibition serves as a platform for brands to showcase products, exchange technologies, and expand markets. The hosting of this grand event not only demonstrates China's influence in the global economy but also brings new opportunities and challenges for cooperation and competition between manufacturers and customers. Highlights of GESTER at the Exhibition: At this exhibition, GESTER has brought a series of advanced testing equipment to booth F3, No. 51, including: 1. Martindale Abrasion Tester GT-KC13B: The Martindale Abrasion Tester is used to test the abrasion resistance of shoe materials. In modern society, consumers increasingly demand durability and quality from products, making abrasion resistance a crucial indicator for shoe materials. Through this tester, GESTER demonstrates precise testing of shoe material, providing reliable data support for manufacturers to enhance product quality and competitiveness. 2. Slip Resistance Tester GT-KB48: In fields like sports shoes, slip resistance is essential. Especially in places like sports venues, good slip resistance not only enhances athletes' performance but also ensures their safety. Through this tester, GESTER showcases comprehensive testing of the slip resistance of outsoles, providing crucial technical support for footwear manufacturers to produce safer and more comfortable sports shoes. 3. Universal Footwear Testing Machine (Dual Arm) GT-K01: As a versatile testing device, it can test various properties of footwear, including tensile strength, compression resistance, tear resistance, etc., providing comprehensive product evaluation data for manufacturers. GESTER demonstrates the functionality and advantages of this testing machine at the exhibition, leading the development direction of footwear production technology. 4. Safety Shoe Compression and Puncture Tester GT-KB12A: Through this tester, GESTER demonstrates comprehensive testing of the compression and puncture performance of safety shoes, assisting in producing safety shoe products that meet standards. 5. EN Shoe Sole Flexing Tester GT-KB06: The flexing performance of the sole directly affects...
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  • Exploring GESTER's Latest: Highlights from SaigonTex 2024 Exhibition
    Exploring GESTER's Latest: Highlights from SaigonTex 2024 Exhibition April 15, 2024
    Exploring GESTER's Latest: Highlights from SaigonTex 2024 Exhibition Introduction From April 10th to 13th, 2024, GESTER showcased our expert testing equipment at the SaigonTex 2024 Exhibition held at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Centre in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. SaigonTex 2024 served as a pivotal gathering for textile professionals, offering an opportunity for companies to demonstrate emerging technologies, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations. Positioned at Hall A2, Booth No. 1N-17, our participation emphasized dedication to precision and reliability in textile testing. GESTER’s Participation: Showcasing Reliability GESTER, known for robust testing equipment, utilized the exhibition to exhibit its latest advancements and reinforce its commitment to industry standards.  The showcase included a range of devices, from fabric strength testers to colorfastness testers, all designed to provide comprehensive solutions for textile quality assurance. The participation, aiming to connect with potential clients, gather valuable industry insights, and demonstrate GESTER’s leading role in providing reliable and accurate textile testing solutions. We introduced several new testing devices, including innovations tailored to the specific needs of modern textile manufacturers. By aligning its display with the latest industry requirements, GESTER not only showcased its capacity for innovation but also our responsiveness to market dynamics. 1. Product Demonstrations One of the highlights at GESTER's booth were the interactive demonstrations of testing equipment. These allowed visitors to witness the machinery’s capabilities firsthand, demonstrating how each device operates, the accuracy of its readings, and its ease of use. By interacting with the equipment, attendees could better understand how integrating such technologies could streamline their quality control processes. During the exhibition, our clients expressed the most interest in two machines: Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester GT-C13B: With its innovative features and the added benefit of an exterior patent, clients were particularly drawn to its ability to accurately simulate wear and tear on textiles while assessing durability and pilling resistance. High Pressure-Servo Hydrostatic Pressure Test Equipment GT-C26B: Another machine that captured the A lot of attention was the High Pressure-Servo Hydrostatic Pressure Test Equipment GT-C26B. Renowned for its precision and reliability, this equipment offers the capability to conduct high-pressure hydrostatic tests on textiles. 2. Customer Feedback A key component of GESTER’s success at the exhibition was proactive engagement with attendees. Our team prioritized understanding customer needs and challenges, providing tailored advice on how their range of testers could solve specific industry issues. This direct interaction not only helped in building strong relationships but also allowed GESTER to gather valuable feedback for future...
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  • GESTER to Participate in the JIF Exhibition
    GESTER to Participate in the JIF Exhibition April 11, 2024
    GESTER to Participate in the JIF Exhibition From April 19th to 22nd, 2024, the 25th Jinjiang Footwear & The 8th Sports Industry International Exposition, China (JIF Exhibition) will be held at the Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. This expo is not only a microcosm of the development of China's footwear and sports industries but also an important platform for technological innovation, international exchange, and exploration of industry trends. GESTER's technological expertise and professional spirit reflect the company's deep understanding of and support for the theme of this year's expo. New Challenges and Opportunities in the Footwear and Sports Industries After decades of development, China's footwear and sports industries have become indispensable parts of the global market. Faced with new opportunities and challenges brought about by globalization, these industries are undergoing profound transformations, shifting from traditional manufacturing to a greater focus on design, technological innovation, and market demand. In this context, the JIF Exhibition is particularly significant. It serves not only as a window to showcase the latest products and technologies but also as a crucial occasion for internal and external industry exchange, to jointly discuss future development directions. GESTER's Instruments and Technological Innovation At this expo, located at booth F3-51, GESTER will display a range of products and technological solutions that accurately capture the new demands of industry development, showcasing the company's professional strength in technology R&D and application. Through continuous technological innovation, Quanzhou Gester is committed to providing more precise and efficient footwear testing equipment and services, helping customers improve product quality and production efficiency, which are among the most urgent needs in the transformation and upgrading of the footwear and sports industries today. Industry Discussions Aimed at the Future During the expo, in addition to product and technology displays, GESTER will also participate in a series of discussions and exchanges about the future development of the industry. These discussions will explore how to address the intensification of global market competition, the diversification of consumer demands, and efficiency issues in the production process through technological innovation. These exchanges will not only provide GESTER with an opportunity to present its industry perspective and solutions but also offer new ideas and directions for the development of the entire industry. Looking Forward As the expo approaches, GESTER, along with all participating enterprises and visitors, is filled with anticipation. This event is not just a platform to showcase the latest products and technologies but also a vital opportunity to promote international exchange and explore the future of the industry. The exhibition will cover finished footwear, sports good...
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  • GESTER Showcases Relevant Equipment at INDO INTERTEX 2024
    GESTER Showcases Relevant Equipment at INDO INTERTEX 2024 March 28, 2024
    GESTER Showcases Relevant Equipment at INDO INTERTEX 2024 GESTER is honored to have participated in the preparations and exhibitions at INDO INTERTEX 2024. This event was not just an opportunity to showcase our products but also a journey of deep interaction and understanding with global customers. At the exhibition, GESTER not only presented advanced textile testing equipment but also demonstrated our relentless pursuit of quality, innovation, and customer service. Exhibition Strategy: A Fusion of Technology and Service At GESTER’s booth, a variety of advanced testing equipment was neatly displayed, each manned by professional technicians ready to explain functions. We showcased not only the advanced GT-C02-1A Universal Tensile Testing Machine and GT-C13B-9 Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester, but we also emphasized the technical support and service guarantee behind these devices. Interactions with customers went beyond simple introductions and demonstrations, evolving into meaningful technical dialogues. Customers were encouraged to ask questions and delve deep into the principles, functions, and application scenarios of each piece of equipment. We believe that excellent products, coupled with thoughtful services, can truly meet the needs of our customers. Custom Solutions In conversations with customers, GESTER went beyond just showcasing products; we provided solutions. Based on the unique needs and industry characteristics of different customers, GESTER’s technical team could offer customized testing solutions to help solve real production and quality control challenges. Through in-depth cooperation with our customers, GESTER continuously optimizes and improves our products, contributing to the development of the industry. Customer Feedback During the exhibition, we collected a wealth of feedback and suggestions from customers. This valuable information is the source of GESTER’s continuous innovation and improvement. We understand that keeping close to market and customer needs is the only way to continuously launch new products and technical solutions that meet industry demands. Looking Forward The INDO INTERTEX 2024 exhibition was not just a showcasing opportunity for GESTER, but a precious experience to deeply understand the market and customer needs. Although the exhibition has ended, our communication and cooperation with customers have just begun. GESTER will continue to use the insights and inspiration gained from the exhibition to develop more innovative products and provide more comprehensive services. Conclusion We look forward to advancing along this path with our global customers and partners, jointly promoting the development and progress of the textile industry. GESTER will, as always, strive to be a leader in the field of textile testing equipment, offering high-quality products and services, and contributing to the innovative development of the industry.
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  • GESTER to Exhibit at IGATEX PAKISTAN 2024
    GESTER to Exhibit at IGATEX PAKISTAN 2024 March 25, 2024
    GESTER to Exhibit at IGATEX PAKISTAN 2024 At the evolving textile industry, the need for precision, durability, and sustainability in production processes become more important . GESTER, with its commitment to fostering advancements in textile testing technology, is proud to participate in IGATEX PAKISTAN 2024. This event, taking place from May 1st to 4th at the EXPO CENTRE LAHORE, Hall 01, Booth I-60, It is an opportunity to demonstrate how our specialised equipment can enhance quality and innovation in textiles The global textile sector is at a crossroads, facing pressures from consumer demands for quality, and the ongoing push for innovation. In response, GESTER has honed its focus on developing testing instruments that meet these multifaceted challenges head-on, emphasizing accuracy, reliability, and user-friendliness. About IGATEX PAKISTAN 2024 IGATEX PAKISTAN has gradually become one of the largest apparel, textile machinery and accessories exhibitions in South Asia, which is highly valued and appreciated by government departments and local manufacturers in Pakistan. As the most important one-stop sourcing centre in South Asia, IGATEX attracts international buyers from South Asia, the Middle East and other regions, providing leading textile/apparel machinery manufacturers and accessory producers in the industry with an excellent opportunity to exhibit their state-of-the-art equipment and products. Equipment exhibited by GESTER Products Details 1. GT-C13B-6 Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Machine Fabric durability is a primary concern for manufacturers and consumers alike. The GT-C13B-6 Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Machine offers a straightforward solution for assessing the wear resistance of textiles. This instrument provides actionable data that can help manufacturers enhance the longevity and performance of their fabrics. 2. GT-C02-1A Universal Tensile Strength Tester (2.5KN) The integrity of textile fibers and fabrics is fundamental to product quality. The GT-C02-1A Universal Tensile Strength Tester allows for precise measurement of material strength. This information is crucial for ensuring that products meet the rigorous demands of today's markets, from fashion to industrial applications. 3. GT-C09 Snap Button Tester The GT-C09 Snap Button Tester Ensuring that snap buttons adhere to safety and durability standards is essential for consumer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. This tester provides a reliable method for evaluating the resilience of snap buttons, contributing to the overall quality of the finished product. 4. GT-D04 Electronic Crockmeter Color fastness is a significant quality indicator for textiles. The GT-D04 Electronic Crockmeter tests the resistance of colored fabrics to rubbing, a common cause of wear and color degradation. By facilitating accurate assessments of color stability, this tool helps manufacturers improve their products' aesthetic and functional longevity, aligning with consumer expectations. 5. GT-...
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