About The Test Method of DeMattia Upper Flexing Tester GT-KBO8B Aug 02, 2022

About The Test Method of

DeMattia Upper Flexing Tester GT-KBO8B

DeMattia Flexing Fatigue Tester is used to determine bending resistance of rubber, leather, synthetic leather, shoe sole and other materials.And inspect it fiex cracking resistance,resistance to cracking and crack growth degree by repeatedly flexing in certain times andstroke.

How to Operate the DeMattia Upper Flexing Tester

1. Plug demattia flex tester in power cord.Switch clockwise to turn on the power.

2. Check the safe door working properly or not before test: close both doors,click START then machine starts to run, when open the doors machine willstop,that means safe doors work properly.

3. Sampling: take a standard sample with a size of 37.5mm*125mm.Mark two symmetrical lines with a distance of 70mm from the middleof sample and use as clamping lines.

4. Before clamping samples, click 'Set' and then click 'Up Reset' to reset upper fixtures.

5. Clamp sample on NO.5 fixuture.

6. Loosen the clamp screw with inner hexagon spanner,fold the sample inward twice with the coated side facingout. Clamp the lower first, align the marked line with the end face of the fixture and tight screw, and then clampthe upper the same way. The clamped sample should be slightly taut.

7. After sample clamping, click"Micro' and then adjust the sample byhand to make a little arc in the middle.

8. Click 'Set' and the click ‘Down Reset' .

9. Start clamp sample on No.2 fixture, operation method as just now.

10. Close safe door after sample clamp, then set the running parameters.

11. Click 'Set' to enter parameters setting. There are two modes 'Counter' and 'Timer'.Select modes you need.'Counter' for testing this time.Need to set the count timesbefore testing.

12. After parameter setting, click 'Return' first and then click Zero', finally click 'Start' to test.

13. Demattia flexing fatigue tester will stop automatically after reach the preset times. Take out the sample to obeserve and judge it according to test standard.

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