Gester tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the the Communist Party of China! Jul 01, 2021

Gester tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the the Communist Party of China!

With the wisdom of the pen, with sweat as ink, pure love records at the time of the picture, writing Chinese off in the history of the sky.

The spring of hope and glory, summer and autumn is golden red passion, and mature, winter snow white and quiet, the motherland seasons are bright.

She has led China through decades of ups and downs, and led us through bumps and bumps.On July 1,1921,thebirth of the Communist Party of China was like a dawn breaking the night sky and twinkling in the East.From then on, the history of the Chinese revolution opened a new page.The party has been leading us to stride forward, chopping the waves and opening up the course.

We can't forget that the Communist Party of China is fighting in the front line of reform and opening up, resisting Japan and saving the country, and the people's soldiers are fighting in tears to protect the country. We will never forget that the construction, reform and opening up, innovative thinking, generation after generation of new and old party members, conscientious and hardworking in the past 100 years are the pillars of our economy. we will never forget that many outstanding Party members have no regrets and are willing to work for the people and communism all their lives.

Gester bless the motherland tomorrow, day Lanshan more green water cleaner, more prosperous economy people happier, more powerful national strength.

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