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Product News
Pilling Test for ICI Pilling Tester


Pilling Phenomenon:

Pilling is the formation of small fiber balls (pellets) on the surface of the fabric, it is caused by wear.

Pilling is the tendency of fibers to loosen from the surface of the fabric and form spherical particles of the fibers.

Reason of Pilling:

1.Due to Wearing.

2.Due to friction bwtween fabric or clothing and specific parts of the body.

3.Due to soft twist of yarn.

4.Due to too much short fiber.

5.Due to the migration of fibers from the constituent yarns in the fabric.

6.Due to protruding fiber/yarn hairiness.

7.Due to the heat of thermoplastic fibers.

Reduce or Minimize Pilling:

1.Through using high twist yarn.

2.Through brushing and cut the fabric surface to eliminate loose fiber ends.

3.Through to using singeing process to reduce the yarn hairness,extend fiber.

4.Through using anti-pilling technical.

5.Through special chemical treatment,Such as adhesive, anti-friction agent.

6.Reduce fiber migration through the AirJet spinning process.

7.Through increase the friction between the fiber.

8.Through increase the linear density of fiber.

9.Through using a lot of thread for per unit length.

ICI Pilling Tester pilling test:

1.For this testing. Cut 4 samples which each 5inch*5inch from fabric.

2.Each back of square has marked with 12mm seam.In both two sample,The seam marked parallel to warp direction, and the other two parallel to weft irection.

3.Then fold the sample face to face and stitch the seam on the marking line.

4.It makes the seam of the two samples parallel to the warp, the seam of the two samples parallel to the weft.

5.Each sample is flipped from the inside out,Each ends cut off 6mm to eliminate any sewing distortion.

6.Then install the finished fabric tube on rubber tube.Make sure the tube’s length at each end are same. Each loose end is pasted with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tape.Make 6mm rubber tube exposed.

7.Put the 4 samples into one pilling box.

8.Then roll the sample in a cork-linging box.

9.The normally number of revolutions is 18000 in testing, it needs 5 hours.

ICI Pilling Box Tester

ICI Pilling Tester Result Evaluation:

1.Remove the sample from the tube and observe with inclined lighting.

2.Then confirm the sample grade 1 to 5.