This Christmas Is More Wonderful Because Of You Dec 25, 2021

Star bright sky, Bell distant harmony, blessing happiness around.

December has crystal balls, snowy nights, lights lit by stars, fairy tales by the fire, and miracles.

Every snowflake of Christmas is a letter from winter.

The snowflakes falling on the Christmas tree bring you a rich new year, theswinging gifts on the Christmas tree reflect your bright smile.

Time is like a poem, every sentence is melodious. Friendship is like a song.Warm season, full of missing.

Streets, everywhere filled with the smell of Christmas, my deeply bless for you, also falls in it.Have noticed?

GESTER also prepared a lot of Christmas gifts for Staff and guests.

In the day of joy GESTER present GESTER sincere wishes and kind thoughts.May happiness, good luck, happiness, flowers and all thebest wishes be with you.

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