What is the Box Compression Test (BCT) Nov 02, 2021
Box Compression Test (BCT) Strength
Estimates the BCT of a regular slotted container (RSC) for a moment with flutes positioned vertically. (Note that BCT is not stacking strength, which is the maximum load a box can handle throughout the distribution cycle.)

Box Compression Test (BCT)=k1∗ECT×h∗Z−−−−√Reference Mckee formula (simplified version) Where:k1=a constant value of 5.87h= Corrugated FiberBoard (CFB) thickness (inches) Z= box perimeter (inches) = 2(L+W)

A BCT test stands for Box Compression Test and this is used to test the compressive strength of a box. This lab is maintained under strict conditions,the boxes tested during a BCT test are placed between two steel plates, and they push with an increasing pressure to each other. At one moment the box crashes and this is the moment you know your BCT value.

Factors affecting the test :
1. Moisture in the box and in the environment
2. Handling of the box before the test
3. Flutes in the corrugated board
4. BCT test De Jong Packaging
5. Is the box printed or plain
6. Factors affecting the test
7. Construction of the box
8. Contents of the box
9. Size of the box

GESTER Box Compression Strength Tester GT-N02B Type Compression Testing Machine with multi-function and high precision is designed to test the compressive strength of standard size corrugated box, or packages and containers made of other material with a compressive strength smaller than 100kN. With advanced mechanical structure of a pair of threaded shafts &guide pillars and imported motor for control, the testing machine has the following salient features: good parallelism, reliable measure precision and high return speed.

Carton Compression Test Standards:
ISO2872, ISO2874, ASTM D642, TAPPI T804


Box Compression Tester (Computer Model) is capable of various functions for all parameters in standards, Such as parametric test, display, memory, statistics and print function; data processing function to gain the statistical result of all parameters directly; and automatic reset and fault diagnosis function and easy operation.

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