Downproof Tester (Impact Test Method) GT-C42

This Downproof Tester is used for down and/ or feather penetration through the primary tick fabric of a specimen containing feather and/or down filling.

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Downproof Tester(Impact Test Method) GT-C42


Product Introduction


This Downproof Tester is used for down and/ or feather penetration through the primary tick fabric of a specimen containing feather and/or down filling.


BS EN 12132-2


1.A cylindrical cushion is made from the fabric to be tested for its down-proof properties and is filled with a given amount of feather and down material or its mixtures. Sliding on an inclined plan, this cushion is moved by means of a pinned bar against a pinned plate, and is thus compressed. After the impact, the cushion is rolled back following the backward-moving pinned impact rake, and recovers its shape. This procedure is continuously repeated until a certain number of impacts is reached.
2.As the stroke of the pinned plate is larger or smaller than the circumference of the cushion, the cushion will be compressed in different places.
3.The number of down and/ or feather particles which have passed or protruded from the primary tick fabric is counted.

Key Specifications

Downproof Tester(Impact Test Method)


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