Gester sorted out the products and testing performance of textile testing equipment. Dec 20, 2021

Gester has superb technology, the production of a lot of textile testing equipment. Textile testing equipment has different functions. Gester sorted out the products and testing performance of textile testing equipment.

Testing products:
1. Various fiber composition fabrics: cotton, linen, wool (sheep, rabbit), leather, silk, polyester, viscose, spandex, nylon, CVC, etc.
2. Various structural fabrics : woven (plain, twill, satin), knitted (weft, cotton, rowan, warp), velvet, corduroy, flannel, lace, coated fabrics, etc.
3. Clothing: coat, trousers, skirt, sweater, T-shirt, cotton-padded coat, down jacket, socks, children's wear and so on.
4. Home textiles: sheets, quilts, bedspreads, towels, mattresses, etc.
5. Decorations: curtains, tablecloths, wall coverings, etc.
6. Home textiles: sheets, quilts, bedspreads, towels, mattresses, etc.
7. Decorations: curtains, tablecloths, wall coverings, etc.
8. Others: non-woven fabrics, masks, ecological textiles, antibacterial materials.

Test items:
Physical and chemical properties: density, yarn count, grammage, yarn twist, yarn strength, fabric structure, fabric thickness, fabric coverage factor, fabric shrinkage or weaving rate, bending deformation, tensile strength, tearing Strength, seam slippage, seam strength, adhesion strength, single yarn strength, yarn strength per linear density, anti-hooking, crease recovery angle test, stiffness test, water repellency test, leak resistance, elasticity And recovery force, air permeability, water vapor permeability, burst strength, abrasion resistance test, anti-pilling and so on.

Chemical properties: PH content, formaldehyde content, lead content, azo dye test, heavy metal content test, water absorption, moisture content, peculiar smell, hot pressing, dry heat, storage sublimation, acid spot, alkali spot , Water spots, phenolic yellowing, etc.

Color fastness test: color fastness to soap washing (sample), color fastness to rubbing, color fastness to chlorine water, non-chlorine bleaching, color fastness to dry cleaning, actual washing (clothing, fabric), color fastness to sweat, color fastness to water, light, sea water, saliva.

Dimensional stability test: washing dimensional stability, every additional washing cycle, appearance after washing, dry cleaning dimensional stability, every additional dry cleaning cycle, appearance retention after commercial dry cleaning, fabric and clothing distortion/skew, steam dimensional stability, Cold water immersion dimensional stability, ironing dimensional stability, appearance after ironing, relaxation shrinkage/felting shrinkage, water deformation, heat shrinkage rate (boiling water shrinkage rate), appearance inspection of garments, etc.

Functional testing: water proofing property test, water absorption, easy test, oil test, anti-static test, uv test, antibacterial, air permeability and moisture permeability testing, hygroscopic and quick drying, radiation protection, wear resistance, prevent hook silk, waterproof, prevent oil, air permeability, moisture permeability, elasticity and resilience, anti-static test, etc.

Flame retardancy test: flammability test, fabric flame retardancy, fire rating test, etc.

Composition analysis: 
cotton, linen, wool (sheep, rabbit), silk, polyester, viscose, spandex, nylon, velvet content, fabric composition and content, yarn twist, fiber composition, moisture content, fabric composition, etc.
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