How do You Operate Paper Crush Tester ? Jan 03, 2023
GESTER Paper Crush Tester is well-designed using modern mechanical design theory and human engineering design criteria and micro-process.
edge crush test machine

How do you operate Paper Crush Tester ?

1. Turn on Crush Tester Machine For Corrugated Boxes.

2. Click “DOWN" to adjust the height of the lower pressure plateto the appropriate position, then click "Stop".

3. Clamp the sample between two clamping blocks and place it on the lower pressure plate.

crush testing machine

4. Click“SET" to enter the setting interface, and click “Test Type" to select the test.

5. After test parameters set, return to the test interface.

6. Click“ZERO" to clear, click“TEST" to start the test.

7. After ring crush tester paper test is completed, the lower pressure plate automatically drops,take out sample and clamp block.

8. Click “PRINT" to print the test results if need.

paper crushing testing machine

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