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Lab Bobbin Yarn Dyeing Machine GT-D40 Lab Bobbin Yarn Dyeing Machine GT-D40
Lab Bobbin Yarn Dyeing Machine GT-D40
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Lab Bobbin Yarn Dyeing Machine GT-D40

Product Introduction


This Yarn Dyeing Machine is special used for dyeing cotton ,yarn, polyester yarn, wool yarn ,etc. with high temperature and high pressure.



1.Main part is made by SUS316L. Frame part is made by SUS304.
2.Polishing inner surface of cylinder to protect yarn.
3.Automatic temperature control system.
4.Automatic drainage system.
5.GT-40A is semi-automatic for operation without computer-controlled functions (heating, cooling, inflow, outflow, dosing, return-flowing, stirring, main kier lever and dosing tank lever controlling)
6.GT-40B is automatic for operation with above computer-controlled functions.


Key Specifications


Lab Bobbin Yarn Dyeing Machine


Application Industry

All kinds of materials can be tested on the Lab Bobbin Yarn Dyeing Machine

Lab Bobbin Yarn Dyeing Machine

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      Lab Bobbin Yarn Dyeing Machine GT-D40

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