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Middle Torque Fixture GT-M41 Middle Torque Fixture GT-M41 Middle Torque Fixture GT-M41 Middle Torque Fixture GT-M41 Middle Torque Fixture GT-M41
Middle Torque Fixture GT-M41
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Middle Torque Fixture GT-M41

Product Introduction


Torque Clamp Middle is the assistant tool for toys torque test. 


ISO 8124-1

GB 6675-2

EN 71-1


16 CFR 1500



Torque Clamp Middle


Application Range

1. Buttons, eyes, decorative sheet and other things on the toys

2. Toys or toys parts made of expandable material

3. Glued wooden toys

4. Toys protrusion protector or projectiles impacted surface protector

5. Mouthpiece of mouth actuated toys or other parts of toys intended to be placed on the mouth

6. All hard materials to cover on the face (such as goggles, space helmets or welding masks)

7. Airlock of aquatic toys and inflatable toys

8. Small ball parts on toys

9. Toys can be touched magnetism components, etc.

Key Specifications


Torque Clamp Middle


Application Industry

Many kinds of toys can be tested on the Middle Torque Fixture.

Torque Clamp Middle

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