Sort out Test Methods of Shoes Dynamic Waterproof Feb 13, 2023

Sort out Test Methods of Shoes Dynamic Waterproof

Table of contents

  1. What kind of shoes are tested for dynamic waterproofing?
  2. What is finished shoes dynamic waterproof test ? What is the principle of the test?
  3. How to choose?

What kind of shoes are tested for dynamic waterproofing?

Waterproof shoes are a general term for shoes with waterproof effects. There are two main types:

  • 1. They are waterproof shoes specially worn on rainy days, that is, rubber shoes.
  • 2. They refer to shoes with certain waterproof effects such as sports shoes and leather shoes. The most prominent is waterproof outdoor sports shoes.

The materials of  dynamic waterproof shoes generally use rubber, artificial leather, leather, etc. with better effects. This paper studies and discusses the test method of waterproof performance from finished shoes.

footwear testing machine

What is finished shoes dynamic waterproof test ? What is the principle of the test?

The dynamic waterproof test of finished shoes mainly simulates the daily use conditions of finished shoes to test their waterproof performance under bending motion. There are three main methods for testing the dynamic waterproof performance of finished shoes, namely the water tank test method, the bending waterproof method and the rotating wet brush test method.

Three test methods for dynamic waterproof

1. Analysis of water tank test method
The water tank test method constructs a water tank test system for the waterproofness of finished shoes, which mainly simulates the human body wearing finished shoes and walking for a certain distance in water with a specified depth at a normal speed, and checks to determine the scope of water penetration into the shoes.

Footwear Water Penetration testing machine GT-KA02-1 Install finished shoes on test device, and ill the tank with a certain deep of water to touch with shoes. lt push forward the forefootbending by certain angle and frequency by simulating people walking in water with shoes,to test bending times required for waterpenetrate from shoes outside to inside or determine the penetration situation after certain bending times.

  • Standards: SATRA TM77

2. Analysis of bending waterproof test method

By putting the finished shoe into the water tank for bending treatment, measure the time required for water to penetrate from the outer surface of the shoe into the shoe or the number of times of bending.

GT-KA02-2 Dynamic Footwear Water Resistance Tester, the water tank is flled with a specified volume of colored water. A specimen is put on the artificial foot and flexed at a given angleand speed, and inspected at intervals for water penetration.

  • Standards: SATRA TM 230, lSO20344-2021 section 5.19

3. Analysis of rotating wet brush test method

The rotary wet brush test method is to put the finished shoe sample into a water tank of a certain depth, and use the rotary wet brush test method to perform mechanical operations to correctly check the penetration range of water.

GT-KA03 Shoe Water Resistance Tester is used to determine waterproof performance of whole shoes. The shoes will be subject tomechanical scrubbing of rotating wet brush under a certain deep of water, which to measure water penetration of shoes.

  • Standards: GB/T 20991-2007 section 5.15.2,AS/NZS 2210.2 section 5.15.2

How to choose?

The above three test methods need to be selected and used according to the footwear. GESTER Instruments co,Itd is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler of physical testing instrument in China, and our product catalogue mainly covers Toy Testing Equipment, Textile Testing Equipment, Footwear Testing Equipment, Leather Testing Equipment and Yarn/Fiber testing equipment.

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