What is The Medical Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Test Method ? Nov 08, 2022
Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester determine the resistance of medical protective masks to the penetration of synthetic blood under different test pressures. This Mask Testing Equipment can also be used to determine the blood penetration resistance of other coating materials.

Mask Splash resistance Tester

What is The Medical Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Test Method ?

1. Add appropriate amount of synthetic blood from the filling hole. Generally need 500-1000ml. Connect the air tube of air compressor to the air filter.Then,connect the tube of the air filter to the machine.

2. Keep the air source pressure at 0.2MPa. Starting up, enter the test interface.

3. Click the "Shift" to change the test speed.This video uses 450cm/s as a demonstration. Click to"Inflate", wait until the inflation done.(The button will change from blue to white.). And then click "Spurt" to fill the whole pipe with synthetic blood.

4. Using a cup to collect the synthetic blood from the canula. Stop spurt and click "Inflate" again. Put a small cup at the entrance of the target plate to catch the excess synthetic blood.

5. After inflation done,click the "start" or the metal button on the panel to make thenozzle spray synthetic blood according to the set time. And observe whether the synthetic blood passes through the central hole of the target plate .If not, please use the handle toadjust the height of the nozzle to make it reach the appropriate height, and use the ruler to remember the height.

6. lnstall the sample. Open the back cover of the sample holder, stretch the prepared mask, place it on the raised disc,and close the back cover. After spurting, wait for 10 seconds for observation time.

7. Then take out the sample and observe the other side of the mask to see if the synthetic blood penetrates into it.lf there is penetration, it is unqualified. If not, it is qualified.

GESTER Medical Face Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester can fully simulate the human body's average blood pressure of 10.6kPa, 16kPa, and 21.3kPa spray speeds for testing.

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