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GT-C75-3 GSM Round Cutter 38mm
GT-C75-3 GSM Round Cutter 38mm
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GSM Round Cutter 38mm GT-C75-3A

Product Introduction


GSM Round Cutter is an economical equipment to cutting the 38mm diameter sample of the fabric (Woven, Non Woven or Knitted). GSM ROUND CUTTER can be used to cut virtually any type of material including film, foam, carpet, paper and board. Provided with the cutting mat and the spare blades

We are one of the leading GSM Cutter manufacturer of high-quality GSM Cutter in China, We manufacturing for GSM Round Cutter of all sizes. Our cutter are renowned for best build quality and durability. These GSM Cutter are used to determine grams per square meter of any Fabric, Paper and Board.

Fabric GSM Cutter GT-C75-3A main body is completely made of aluminum casting for light weight, safe and reliable.The Fabric GSM Cutter is meticulously finished with metallic paint. Fabric GSM Cutter is recommended for yield testing i.e. weight per unit area. It cuts rapidly and accurately circular specimen of 38 mm square area which gives the GSM directly. This Fabric GSM Cutter is used as Textile Testing Instruments.

Product Photos

GSM Round Cutter


Key Specifications




Control mode


Cutting diameter


Cutting thickness



Φ90×115 mm



Standards accessories

Schroder Spare blades (Can be customized) 1pc

Cutting mat 1pc


Application Industry
All kinds of Fabric, Paper etc below materials can be tested by the GSM Cutter GT-C75.

Circular Fabric Sample Cutter


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