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Hand held Metal Detector GT-MC44-1
Hand held Metal Detector GT-MC44-1
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Hand held Metal Detector GT-MC44-1

Product Introduction


The instrument Hand held Metal Detector GT-MC44-1 can use knitting, clothing, shoes, socks, clothing and other products for all wearing needle detection, can quickly find the right clothes just exist in the needle breakage, ensure personal safety wear.


  • Detection zone is small, can accurately identify the break.
  • High sensitivity, easy detection of different clothing.
  • Using the alarm beeps and lights.
  • The sensor uses magnetic materials, the use of high sensitivity, long life.


Key Specifications



Detecting method

Magnetic induction

Detecting ability

Metal darner(0.75×30)

Detecting abjustment


Detecting area


Alarm method

Buzzer, lamp, beltstop, light

Power supply

9V Dry cell






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