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Pilling Assessment Box GT-C78
Pilling Assessment Box GT-C78
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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE
  • Standard:

    BS5811, ISO 12945, ASTM D3512, ASTM D4970, ASTM D5362, IWSTM 152GT-C83-1
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    China Port
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    10-30 Days
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    T/T, L/C
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Pilling Assessment Box GT-C78

Product Introduction


Pilling Assessment Box; Suitable for all standards where the assessment of pilling on fabrics is necessary, whether against control fabrics or photographs.
It is suitable for: Martindale Pilling, Random Tumble Pilling, ICI Pilling, ICI Snagging, Brush/Sponge Pilling.


BS5811, ISO 12945, ASTM D3512, ASTM D4970, ASTM D5362, IWSTM 152GT-C83-1



1.Standard: Lissajous figure.

2.Working positions: 4, 6, 8, 9 optional.
3.Counting Method: 1) count up. 2) count down.
4.The unique design allows removal of individual sample holders 5.for examination without lifting the top motion plate.
6.Standard sample holders with 9 and 12kpa weights included.
7.PLC, 7 inches color touch screen, Chinese and English operation interface.
8.Weights and key components are made up by 316 stainless steel 9.which is well-formed and durable in use.

10To prevent distortion, the top motion plate was special made up by 316 aluminum alloy.


Key Specifications


Pilling Assessment Box


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