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Electronic Yarn Wrap Reel Machine GT-A06 Electronic Yarn Wrap Reel Machine GT-A06 Electronic Yarn Wrap Reel Machine GT-A06 Electronic Yarn Wrap Reel Machine GT-A06 Electronic Yarn Wrap Reel Machine GT-A06
Electronic Yarn Wrap Reel Machine GT-A06
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    ISO 2060 ASTM D1907, GB/T4743, GB/T6838
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Electronic Yarn Wrap Reel Machine GT-A06

Electronic Yarn Wrap Reel

Product Introduction of yarn wrap reel 

Application of Yarn Reel:

Electronic Yarn Wrap Reel Machine; To produce skeins of yarn of a pre-determined length and number of turns for count and/or strength testing. Complete with yarn package stand and pre-tension device, fitted with pre-determined counter.

Features of Yarn Reel:

  1. Use MCU to control unit, allow numeric programming parameter (such as speed, bobbin number, reel presetting parameters are pre-settable).
  2. Precision DC speed regulating motor with synchromesh belt makes precisely positioning.
  3. Numeric speed controlling panel, make unit work consistently and stably.
  4. Two optional startup mode (hard startup, soft startup), do not break yarn when startup.
  5. Electronic limit trips, total rev number and user programmable stops.
  6. Closed-loop controlled and speed tracking system, Ensure to keep even speed when Voltage is variable.
Standards of Yarn Reel:

ISO 2060  ASTM D1907, GB/T4743, GB/T6838

Dimensions of yarn wrap weel machine

Electronic Wrap Reel

Key Specifications of yarn wrap reel machine




Reel circumference

1000mm (metric system), 54 (English system)

Rev of reel  

25-300 RPM (numeric pre-settable)

Interval of spindle   


Number of wrap    

2-9999 Rev(pre-settable)

Programmable stop   

1-9 rev(pre-settable)

Traveling reciprocating distance


Reeling pre-tension   

0-100cN (pre-settable)


780 x 660 x 480mm ( L x W x H )




ISO 2060  ASTM D1907  GB/T4743  GB/T6838


Electronic Yarn Wrap Reel


Application Industry of yarn wrap reel machine

All kinds of yarn materials can be tested on the Electronic Yarn Wrap Reel GTA06.

Electronic Yarn Wrap Reel

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