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Single Yarn Strength Tester GT-A01 Single Yarn Strength Tester GT-A01 Single Yarn Strength Tester GT-A01 Single Yarn Strength Tester GT-A01 Single Yarn Strength Tester GT-A01
Single Yarn Strength Tester GT-A01
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Single-Yarn Strength Tester GT-A01   

Product Introduction of yarn strength tester 


Single Yarn Strength Tester is used to determine the breaking strength and elongation, determine the  breaking load and extension, of single yarns upto 5000 centi-grams force. Electronically operated with mechanical action, provided with scales 0-500cg force and 0-5000cg force, extension scale graduated in mm and percentage of standard test length (500mm).



       Dynamic Data Sampling Frequency is More than 800HZ, ease to catch peak value, most precisely indicate property of textile material.
 Sharp blue LCD Panel, the operator simply selects the required test module and test standard;
 A graphical icon on each button clearly illustrates its current function. This greatly simplifies the screen by only showing commands relevant to the current task.
 Use Misbishi 16bit MCU, Misbishi 16bit A/D converter, more excellent anti-jamming, more      rapid data transfer.
 Clock auto generating, and be visual consistently.
 Real time display of on-going test data (Like mean square value,average,max,min,etc).
 Able to preset tensile force.
 Force unit:N,Kgf,1b,in,cN can be switched freely.
 Report, diagram are handled by computer and print out from printer.
 Calibration file to calibrate the unit and indicate with figure.
 Operator can use LCD control panel to operate the unit and print testing data without  PC(bidirectional controlling).
 Data can be sent to excel and analysed by computer.
 Overlay display of data curve possible.


ISO2062, ASTM D2256, GB/T14344, GB/T3916

Dimensions of yarn strength tester

single yarn strength tester


Key Specifications of yarn strength tester 



Load Range 


Load Resolution


Load Accuracy


Frequency of data sampling


Speed Range 


Elongation Resolution      


Max Vertical test space      


Available Lenth of sample


Presetting Force        


DATA Memory       

≥4000 tests

Application Industry of yarn strength tester

All kinds of materials can be tested on Single Yarn Strength Tester GT-A01.

single yarn strength tester

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