Furniture Universal Testing Machine For Desk And Bed GT-LD09

Furniture Universal Testing Machine For Desk And Bed is designed and manufactured in accordance to BIFMA and EN1730 standards, is specifically designed for general tests of office desks, surface, and corners. 
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Furniture Universal Testing Machine For Desk And Bed GT-LD09

Product Introduction


This Furniture Universal Testing Machine is used for testing the mechanical properties of bed and desks. Can perform the horizontal static load and durability test, vertical static load and impact test.


1.The machine adopts frame structure design. The frame is made of high quality industrial aluminum, beautiful and generous.
2.The frame adjustment part of the tester adopts pulley structure design. Can easily adjust the loading position to adapt to different specifications of the sample. Positioning handle makes the positioning easier and improve the efficiency.
3.The bottom fixed block is free to adjust the position to accommodate different specifications of the sample.
4.PLC controller to control the actions of the instrument; the operation is intuitive and simple.
5.Using the precision pressure regulating valve to adjust the pressure to change the loading force value; high precision force sensor sense the force value immediately; each load group adjusts the control individually; the loading force is stable and reliable.
6.Removable loading pad, can easily change the different loading pad to meet the different test requirements.

Furniture Universal Testing Machine For Desk And Bed

Key Specifications

Control mode

PLC control

The Max. length of specimen


Load cell


Machine Dimensions


Test Standards

Desk: EN 1730-2012 Section 6.2, 6.3, 6.4,6.5, 6.6, 6.7,6.9, 7.2, 7.3 ,
BS EN 15372-2016 Test1, Test2,Test3,Test5, Test6,Test8,Test10,
AS NZS 4610.3-1999 Annex B,D,E,G,N,P,R

AS NZS 4442-1997 Annex A,B,H,J

Bed: EN 1725 Section 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7

Testing Methods --- Desk

Standard EN 1723

1. 6.2 Horizontal static load test

2. 6.3 Vertical static load tests

3. 6.4 Horizontal durability and stiffness test

4. 6.5 Vertical durability test .

5. 6.6 Vertical impact test

6. 6.7 Deflection of table tops

7. 6.9 Drop test

Testing Methods --- Bed

Standard EN 1725

1. 7.3 Durability test

2. 7.4 Vertical impact test

3. 7.5 Durability of bed edge

4. 7.6 Vertical static load test

5. 7.7 Vertical static load test of the edge of the bed

Standard Accessories                

- Horizontal loading device          4 sets

- Vertical loading device             2 set

- Impact device                    1 set

- GT-LB01-5 Local loading pad       6 pcs

- Stoppers                         4 pcs

- Servo cylinder                    7 pcs

- Load cell                         6 pcs

- Electric Proportional Valve          6 pcs

- Motor                            1 set

- GT-LB01-6 Seat Impactor Devise     1 Set

- GT-LB01-3 Smaller seat loading pad  2 pcs

- GT-LB01-2 Seat loading pad         2 pcs

- English Manual

- Certificate of Quality

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