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GB/T 8942 Softness Tester GT-CN05
GB/T 8942 Softness Tester GT-CN05
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    GB/T 8942
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GB/T 8942 Softness Tester GT-CN05

Product Introduction


Softness tester can be used to determine the softness of high-grade toilet paper, tobacco flakes, fiber paper products and other materials.


  • The instrument measuring device adopts the principle of leverage to reduce the data fluctuation caused by vibration.
  • The transmission is stable, precise and accurate. It adopts a stepper motor, which is simple and reliable.
  • High-resolution color touch screen display, simple and convenient operation.
  • High-precision force sensor, the test result is more accurate.
  • The test process shows real-time force values and graphs for easy to observation.
  • The test group reached 30*20 times, sufficient space to save data, horizontal and vertical data were memorized separately.
  • Data report function is perfect for query and printing.
  • Equipped with a micro thermal printer, it can analyze and count the results of each group of data, with low noise and clear fonts.

Key Specifications




Testing Range


Testing Resolution


Indication Error

≤±1% FS (20% or less of the upper limit of the measurement is allowed to exceed the specified range 1mN)

Indicative Variability


Test Head Stroke

(1.2±0.5)mm (can be set)

Test Head Press-in Depth


Slit Width

5mm; 6.35mm; 10mm; 20mm (Width error should not exceed ±0.05mm)

Testing Speed



Thermal printer

Power Supply

AC 220V±10V 50Hz






GB/T 8942

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