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Shoe Lining Leakproofness Tester GT-KA15
Shoe Lining Leakproofness Tester GT-KA15
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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE
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    GB/T 20991 section 5.7, ISO 20344 section 5.7, AS/NZS 2210.2 section 5.7, ISO 8782-1, HG/T3664
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    Xiamen Port
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    10-30 days
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Shoe Lining Leakproofness Tester GT-KA15  

Product Introduction


Shoe Lining Leakproofness Tester is used to To fast determine the waterproof resistance of rubber shoes and shoe inner liner.

GB/T 20991 section 5.7, ISO 20344 section 5.7, AS/NZS 2210.2 section 5.7, ISO 8782-1, HG/T3664




Using pneumatic fixture and sealing plating parts to put sample into deep water, and full it with constant air pressure. If any seepage, it will produce bubbles and fixture will rise to surface automatically with sample when it reaches set test times. It could be used for production line and detect production completely to control it waterproof.

Key Specifications

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      Shoe Lining Leakproofness Tester GT-KA15

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