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Automatic Yarn and Sliver Evenness Tester GT-A14HD
Automatic Yarn and Sliver Evenness Tester GT-A14HD
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Automatic Yarn and Sliver Evenness Tester GT-A14HD   

Product Introduction


Yarn Evenness Tester is based on the platform of virtual instrument structure. Its a versatile and high performance testing instrument for the textile laboratory. It can be used to test evenness of yarns, roving, slivers which are spun with cotton, wool, flax and short synthetic fiber. It is very important for improving and assuring quality of yarns.


1. Unite with several yarn sensor, can be used for testing index of yarn’s evenness uneven, diameter uneven, density uneven, hairiness uneven at the same time, proving wave spectrongram, variation---length curve and other graphics.
2. Unevenness curve can save, playback, label defect position on it.
3. Specialist analysis system can evaluate yarn quality lever, provide analysis results of technology and equipment for user.
4. Unique CV-L curve analysis software, can real-time quantitative analysis non-periodic unevenness of yarn and can trace back to produce process.
5. Advanced yarn hairiness index and hairiness standard deviation test, connect with international standard, guaranteed finished yarn meet end customer higher demands.
6. Unique density uneven test, providing method for analysis yarn soft twist.
7. Powerful statistical analysis function, providing annual&monthly products quality level analyzed pattern and quality tendency chart for user’s scientific management.
8. Adopt advanced driving technology, can do 800m/min high speed test.
9. Automatic choose monitor tank with more precision test results.
10. Roller automatic shifting, increasing Roller service life.
11. Abnormal data can test again on original position.
12. Unique Roller anti-friction spun yarn device.
13. Optional yarn defect level function.
14. Optional fabric surface emulation facility.

15. Optional bunchy yarn function, providing stable detailed quality analysis of irregularity bunchy.

Key Specifications

Yarn Evenness Tester

Yarn Evenness Tester


Application Industry

All kinds of materials can be tested by GT-A14HD Automatic Yarn and Sliver Evenness Tester.

Yarn Evenness Tester

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