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Shoes Bending Stiffness Tester GT-KA16
Shoes Bending Stiffness Tester GT-KA16
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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE
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    GB/T 20991 section 8.4.1, ISO 20344-2011 section 8.4.1, AS/NZS 2210.2 section 8.4.1,
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Shoes Stiffness Tester GT-KA16 

Product Introduction


Shoes Bending Stiffness Tester is used to measure bending resistance of whole shoes (France shoe Size 39, 42,and British shoe Size 6,Size 8). Clamp the foreshoes (confirming to 1/3 of palm shoes, located on shaft location), after motor launching, driving to pulley, to make shaft drive the turning board at 100mm/min to impose the strength of 30N to shoes in order to do test.


GB/T 20991 section 8.4.1, ISO 20344-2011 section 8.4.1, AS/NZS 2210.2 section 8.4.1, 

ISO 17707 section 4.2


dynamic footwear stiffness tester


1.LCD control, easy operate, and display results digitally.

2.Equip with a decoder on shaft, and inducting angle speed of turning board, showing the value through the display with accuracy of 0.1°.

Key Specifications

shoe bending stiffness tester

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      Shoes Bending Stiffness Tester GT-KA16

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