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Sweating Guarded Hot Plate GT-C98
Sweating Guarded Hot Plate GT-C98
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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE Certificates
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Sweating Guarded Hot Plate GT-C98


Product Introduction


Sweating Guarded Hotplate tester to determine the thermal and evaporative resistance of clothing materials, under standard test environment, heat the fixed aluminum or copper. Keep them to maintain a fixed temperature and heating power. At the same time, after covering the aluminum or copper with test fabric, do the power test under the same situation, and test the size of test platen with the power difference. And then determine the thermal or dampness of the test sample.



GB/T 11048, ISO 11092, ASTM F 1868, ASTM D 1518-85, JIS L1096-2010, ASTM D6701

1.Equipped with heating plate, which fully simulate the Human skin structure.
2.Completely separate the design of temperature test chamber and this machine.
3.Integration design of control system and automatic supply system.
4.Automatic water supply and drainage system, and powerful water adding system.
5.Permeability of heating plate would be faster while dampness test.
6.High precision automatic platform moving system.
7.Input the specimen thickness, and then the platform will move to the corresponding position.
8.Quickly reach a steady test state, automatically adjust the PID control parameters with specimen.
9.Thickness and then quickly reach the test conditions.
10.Patented wind parallel stabilization system, which make speed and test result more stable.
11.Sweating Guarded Hotplate Speed: 0-2m/s continuous adjustable,which can meet standard for wet thermal resistance and thermal performance test.
12.The width of heating protection ring assure the heat only transmit by specimen.
13.LED soft lighting system. Support USB and WIFI. Total stainless steel housing.

14.Guarded Sweating Hot Plate Instrumentation equipped with test software and various test standards.

Key Specification


Thermal Resistance (RCT) Range

0.002-2.0 m2.K/W

Indication Error


Repeatability Error

≤ ± 2%


0.0001 m2 .K / W

Dampness (Ret) Range

0 ~ 1000 m2.Pa/W

Test Plate Temperature Range

30 ℃ -40 ℃ Adjustable

Temperature Control Accuracy

± 0.03 ℃

Temperature Resolution

± 0.01 ℃

Power Supply

1∮ AC 220V 50/60Hz

Speed Control Accuracy

± 1%

Sample Platform Lift Range

0-70mm Automatic Lifting

Specimen Thickness


Test Pleat Size


Size for Specimen



Width for Heating Protection Ring


Outside Chamber Dimension


Outside Chamber Weight



3 ∮AC380V±10%, 50/60Hz, 10KW

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