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Full-automatic Ventilated Fast Constant Tem. Oven GT-A38
Full-automatic Ventilated Fast Constant Tem. Oven GT-A38
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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE
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    GB/T9995-1997, ISO2060/6741, ASTM D2654
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    China Port
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Full-automatic Ventilated Fast Constant Tem. Oven GT-A38

Product Introduction


Air Ventilation Oven is used for rapidly testing the moisture content and moisture regain of cotton, wool, silk, chemical fiber and other textile products.


GB/T9995-1997, ISO2060/6741, ASTM D2654


Air Ventilation Oven



1. Using the semiconductor micro-electric heating technique with very small thermal inertia to improve the temperature evenness.
2. Temperature control is displays by large LCD, high accuracy, clear reading and directly.
3. Automatic weighing has the fast speed of transformation, higher resolution images, LCD display, automatically printed database reporting, communicate with computer, establishing the database directly and so on.
4. Using the program default mechanism, the system will finish drying, weighing, computing, storage, printing and other steps automatically.
5. Using RS485 network, one computer can be connected to multiple ovens, and establish a database by connection with the oven.
6. The data of output can be connected with CIQ Data Management System.

Key Specifications

Air Ventilation Oven

Application Industry

All kinds of materials can be tested by Full-automatic Ventilated Fast Constant Tem.Oven.

Air Ventilation Oven

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      Full-automatic Ventilated Fast Constant Tem. Oven GT-A38

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