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Mattress Roller Tester GT-LA02 Mattress Roller Tester GT-LA02 Mattress Roller Tester GT-LA02 Mattress Roller Tester GT-LA02 Mattress Roller Tester GT-LA02
Mattress Roller Tester GT-LA02
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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE
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    ASTM F1566, BS EN 195, QB/T 1952.2
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    Xiamen Port
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    100% T/T in advance
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Mattress Roller Tester GT-LA02

Product Introduction


The Mattress Roller Tester is an instrument for testing the bearing capacity and durability of various types of mattresses for long-term repetitive loads.



It is designed by imitating people continual roll over on the mattress (positive pressure, lateral pressure, and overturn, etc.).Use cylinder or hexagon to load the testing part of mattress which is horizontally placed for repeated loading, to determine the mattress endurance for long-term repetitive loading.


ASTM F1566

BS EN 1957

QB/T 1952.2




Mattress Roller Tester


Safety Instructions 

Avoid using it in the following situation:

1.It is not allow shaking and swaying.

2.Place of direct sunlight.

3.It is not allow high temperature, dusty, wet places.

4.The earth connection of alternating current which supply to the equipment (ac) should be good, it must be safe.

5.Please do not use strong solvents to clean machine gear. Such as benzene, nitro class oil)

6.Water and sundry does not put into machine, in order to protect electrical components and preventing electric shock.

7.Instrument monitor interior of disassembling and debugging only can be supervised by the ministry of national metrology units and company, and it should not be repaired by others.

Key Specifications


Mattress Roller Tester

Applications Industry 

All kinds of Mattress can be tested on the Mattress Roller Tester


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