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Table Single-Yarn Strength Tester GT-A02B
Table Single-Yarn Strength Tester GT-A02B
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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE
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    GB/T14344, GB/T3916, ISO2062, ASTM D2256
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    China Port
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    10-30 Days
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Table Single-Yarn Strength Tester GT-A02B  

Product Introduction


Single-Yarn Strength Tester is used to test the breaking strength and elongation percentage of various cotton, wool, linen, silk, chemical fiber, core-spun single yarn, pure or blending natural or chemical fiber yarns.


GB/T14344, GB/T3916, ISO2062, ASTM D2256


Single-Yarn Strength Tester




1. Dynamic Data Sampling Frequency is More than 800HZ, ease to catch peak value, most precisely indicate property of textile material.
2. Clamp distance can be set freely, and positioned automatically according to the setting system.
3. Support online operation and with specialist software analysis system for data analysis and backup.
4. Domestic first creation sample test and data-processing software with multithreading.
5. Software can online analyze data and show the statistic value of breaking strength, elongation rate, yield strength, initial modulus, and plastic deformation.


Key Specifications

Single-Yarn Strength Tester

Application Industry

All kinds of materials can be tested on the GT-A02B Table Single-Yarn Strength Tester

Single-Yarn Strength Tester

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      Table Single-Yarn Strength Tester GT-A02B

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