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Automatic Textile Formaldehyde Tester GT-C76-2
Automatic Textile Formaldehyde Tester GT-C76-2
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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE
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    GB/T 2912.1
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Automatic Textile Formaldehyde Tester GT-C76-2

Product Introduction


This Formaldehyde Tester apply for quickly testing formaldehyde content of all kinds of textile.


GB/T 2912.1 textile formaldehyde measure Part 1:free and hydrolyzing



1.Adopt extraction method, according to the national standard method can simultaneously measure formaldehyde measured value, the absorbance values and transmittance values.
2.Microprocessor control, automatic processing of spectral data, color touch screen display in English.
3.Adopt principle of electrochemical sensors, combined with microcontroller technology acquisition continuous different points of the concentration absorbance values. Automatically calculated curve formula differents concentration correspondent absorbance values.
4.Can be automatically selected wavelength, automatically setting wavelength turning, without manual rotation.
5.Can do eight standard curve, automatic wavelength selection and other functions.
6.Connect computer to transmission data, PC software and a standard curve plotted curve accuracy judgment.
7.Automatic measuring sample formaldehyde content, can measure the content of four samples at the same time.
8.Equipped with micro-printer to print the report.


Key Specifications

Formaldehyde Content Tester


Application Industry

All kinds of materials can be tested on the Automatic Textile Formaldehyde Tester 

Formaldehyde Content Tester

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      Automatic Textile Formaldehyde Tester GT-C76-2

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